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Revision Date: February 2014

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SMI - Smith Decision Center PET - Petit Salon GRA - Grand Salon ARO - Arroyo Hall SUB - University Student Union ANV - Anacapa Village Apartments OJA - Ojai Hall TOP - Topanga Hall BRO - Broome Library BEL - Bell Tower SAL = Salon A CHA - Chaparral Hall SOL - Solano Hall YUB - Yuba Hall / Health Center ISL - Islands Cafe BTW = Bell Tower East LIN - Lindero Hall MAN - Manzanita Hall PLA - Placer Hall NAP - Studio Channel Islands SAG - Sage Hall ALI - Aliso Hall SCV - Santa Cruz Village BTW = Bell Tower West TOW - Town Center SHO - Shops UNI - University Hall IRO - Ironwood Hall CEN - Central Plant MOD - Modoc Hall PAI - Paint Shop MAL - Malibu Hall HUB - University Hub Building Names, Addresses and Grid Locations MDR - Madera Hall NOR - del Norte Hall

Sierra Hall Construction

Pedestrian Access Information

  1. There is no North Quad access through University Hall.
  2. Observe all construction detour signs.
  3. Do no walk in streets except for marked crosswalks.
  4. Yield to flagmen at all times.
  5. Pedestrian access is provided along Ventura Street on the west sidewalk around the construction site. A temporary raised crosswalk has been provided near Manzanita Hall. Please utilize crosswalk when crossing street.
  6. Pedestrian access ins provided on the east side of campus from the A1 and R Parking lots through Madera Hall into the North Quad.
  7. A portion of the Central Mall walkway is closed directly south of the construction zone. Please use pedestrian paths near the Student Union as an alternate route.
  8. If you require additional assistance regarding access around construction sites due to disability or other needs, please contact the Educational Access Center at 437-3331.