Major Advising Forms
Major Form Name2010 - 2011 Forms
Applied Physics - Physics2010-2011 (PDF, 71kb)
Applied Physics - Tech2010-2011 (PDF, 65kb)
Art - History2010-2011 (PDF, 77kb)
Art - Studio2010-2011 (PDF, 92kb)
Biology – BA - Ecology2010-2011 (PDF, 61kb)
Biology – BA - General2010-2011 (PDF, 54kb)
Biology – BA – Pre-Professional2010-2011 (PDF, 60kb)
Biology - BA - Subject MatterRefer to Biology - BA Teach Emph
Biology – BA – Teach Emph2010-2011 (PDF, 62kb)
Biology - BS2010-2011 (PDF, 72kb)
Biology – BS – BiotechnologyNo Longer Offered
Biology – BS –Cell & Molecular2010-2011 (PDF, 79kb)
Biology – BS - Clinical2010-2011 (PDF, 60kb)
Biology – BS – Ecology Evolution…2010-2011 (PDF, 66kb)
Biology – BS – Medical Imaging2010-2011 (PDF, 76kb)
Business2010-2011 (PDF, 65kb)
Business EntrepreneurshipSee Business Options
Business FinanceSee Business Options
Business Global BusinessSee Business Options
Business ManagementSee Business Options
Business MarketingSee Business Options
Business Options2010-2011 (PDF, 53kb)
Chemistry - BA2010-2011 (PDF, 74kb)
Chemistry - BA - Prep2010-2011 (PDF, 81kb)
Chemistry - BS2010-2011 (PDF, 73kb)
Chemistry – BS -Biochemistry2010-2011 (PDF, 80kb)
Chicana/o Studies2010-2011 (PDF, 82kb)
Communication2010-2011 (PDF, 97kb)
Computer Science2010-2011 (PDF, 71kb)
Early Childhood Studies2010-2011 (PDF, 71kb)
Economics2010-2011 (PDF, 64kb)
English2010-2011 (PDF, 75kb)
English – Creative WritingRefer to English Optional Emphases
English – Multicultural LiteratureRefer to English Optional Emphases
English – Optional Emphases2010-2011 (PDF, 40kb)

English – PreCredential Ed

2010-2011 (PDF, 62kb)
ESRM – Environmental Science2010-2011 (PDF, 87kb)
ESRM – Resource Management2010-2011 (PDF, 77kb)
History2010-2011 (PDF, 90kb)
Information Technology2010-2011 (PDF, 65kb)
Liberal Studies - Accelerated (freshmen)Not offered
Liberal Studies- Accelerated Sequence of Study (freshmen)Not offered
Liberal Studies - Concentrated2010-2011 (PDF, 42kb)
Liberal Studies – Teach & Learning2010-2011 (PDF, 64kb)
Liberal Studies Teaching & Learning Emphases
Math2010-2011 (PDF, 115kb)
Nursing - BS2010-2011 (PDF, 86kb)
Nursing RN-BSN

2010-2011 (PDF, 70kb)

Performing Arts2010-2011 (PDF, 107kb)
Political Science2010-2011 (PDF, 69kb)
Psychology2010-2011 (PDF, 77kb)
Sociology2010-2011 (PDF, 81kb)
Spanish2010-2011 (PDF, 76kb)