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Academic Advising


The following courses can meet both the Multicultural Requirement and Upper Division Interdisciplinary General Education (UDIGE) Course Requirement.

ANTH 446 Altered States of Consciousness

ART 332 Multicultural Art Movements

ART/CHS/HIST 333 History of Southern California Chicano/a Art

ART 344 Global Arts of Islam

ART 435 Postmodern Visual Culture

CHS 331 Trans-border Perspectives in Chicana/o Studies

CHS/COMM/NRS 343 Health Issues in the Latina/o Community

CHS/EDUC/HIST 445 Chicano Child and Adolescent

ENGL/PATH 333 Multicultural Drama and Theatre

ENGL/HIST 335 American Ethnic Images in Novels, Film, and Art

ENGL 349 Perspectives on Multicultural Literature

ENGL/HIST 430 Tradition and Transformation: Literature, History, and Cultural Change

FJS 340 Exploring Freedom and Justice

GLST 435 Global Cities

HIST/PAMU 337 Music in History

HIST/PATH 338 Theatre in History

NRS/PSY 342 Complementary and Alternative Health

PAMU 330 Jazz in America

PAMU 332 World Music

PATH/SPAN 334 Spanish Language Drama & Theatre

POLS/SOC 330 Political Sociology

PSY 344 Psychology and Traditional Asian Thought


Students need one multicultural course (C3b) for graduation (see catalog for a comprehensive list of all multicultural courses).

Students must take 3 (UDIGE) courses (9 units) in the course numbering range of 330-349 and 430-449. Two of the courses may be met with major requirements. One of the courses must be outside the major.