CSU Channel Islands (CI) in collaboration with the public libraries in Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Ventura offers free lectures to community members for a chance to hear from some of CI's most dynamic speakers and experts.

"These lectures provide the public with a unique opportunity to be a CI student for an evening," Dr. Karen Carey, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Arts & Sciences

Engage in discussion on a variety of timely, thought-provoking topics in the convenient setting of your local library.

Upcoming Spring 2015 Lectures:

Monday, March 2
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Simi Valley Public Library
2969 Tapo Canyon Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93063

The Great GMO Labe Debate - Science, Politics, and the Court of Public Opinions
Panda Kroll, ESQ, Lecturer in Business

In this seminar, Panda Kroll, ESQ, and Lecturer in Business, will take a look at recent consumer lawsuits against manufacturers of food containing GMO ingredients and legislation requiring and precluding the labeling of such food. In particular, we will explore the constitutional hurdles facing Vermont's first-in-nation mandatory GMO label law, as well as consumer rejection of GMO foods, here and abroad. This promises to be a lively discussion of a many-faceted debate.

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Wednesday, March 4
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Ventura Public Library
651 E. Main St., Ventura, CA 93001

Through the Looking Glass: a Chemist's Perspective on Lewis Carroll
Phil Hampton, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry

At the time Lewis Carroll (Charles Ludwidge Dodson) wrote, “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There,” a sequel to Alice in Wonderland, very little was known about atoms and how they bonded together to form molecules. Carroll, a mathematician, created a magical world in a book that integrated themes of symmetry and a chess game. This talk led by Dr. Phil Hampton, Professor of Chemistry, will explore the chemistry behind Looking Glass House from the perspective of "handed molecules" and how the handedness of molecules relates to the thalidomide tragedy of the late 50's that resulted in birth defects in children. A hands-on activity with gum drops and 3D visualization of molecules will be included in this presentation that covers chirality, chiral drugs, and 3D molecular structure.

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Thursday, March 12
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Blanchard Community Library
119 N. 8th St, Santa Paula, CA 93060

A New Era of Research on Santa Rosa Island
Cause Hanna, Ph.D., Santa Rosa Island Research Station Manager

The CSU Channel Islands (CI) Santa Rosa Island Research Station serves researchers, students, faculty members, and the local community. Cause Hanna, the Santa Rosa Island Research Station Manager, will (1) discuss several current studies and projects that will expand our knowledge of the natural history, ecology, and human history of Santa Rosa Island and (2) the exposure of K-12 and undergraduate students to real world resource management issues and their practical interdisciplinary solutions.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Steven M. Norris, Ph.D.
Thousand Oaks Library
Marvin E. Smith Community Room, Grant R. Brimhall Library
1401 E. Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Natural Habitats and Native Flora of California State University Channel Islands​ with Observations on the Impact of the Spring Fire and Ongoing Recovery

California State University Channel Islands is surrounded by foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Interesting elements and natural history abound, even in this relatively small area.  A natural history survey of these habitats has been underway since the university opened in 2002.  Over 120 native species have been identified in the CI flora to date.  This talk will provide an overview of the habitats and flora (with a little on the fauna) with comments on the impact of Springs Fire of 2013, and the ongoing recovery.

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Featured Lecture Series (Videos):

Stem Cells – Boon or Bane?
Dr. Nitika Parmar
Associate Professor of Biology

Ordinary Men – How Normal People Can Do Terrible Things
Dr. Kevin Volkan
Professor of Psychology

Past Lectures:


The Human Prehistory of the Channel Islands and Coastal California: A 10,000 Year Retrospective, Dr. Colleen Delaney & Dr. Jennifer Perry, Professors of Anthropology.


Exobiology and Space Science: The Possible Existence of Extraterrestrial Life and Man's Current Ability to Find It, Dr. Erich Fleming, Assistant Professor of Biology

Humpback Whales: Gentle Giants of the North Pacific, Dr. Rachel Cartwright, Lecturer in Biology

Stem Cells – Boon or Bane?  Dr. Nitika Parmar, Associate Professor of Biology

OMG! Here Come the GMOs: Do We Embrace or Challenge Advances in Biotechnology? Panda Kroll, Lecturer in Business

Natural Habitats Around CSU Channel Islands Before and After the 2013 Springs Fire, Dr. Steven Norris, Lecturer in Biology

Business & Economics

Business Success in China – Understanding Business Culture, Dr. Priscilla Laing, Associate Professor of Finance, CI’s Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics

The Era of the Celebrity CEO is Over, Dr. Andrew Morris, Professor in CI’s Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics

Chicano Studies

Beyond the Latino Sports Hero: The Role of Sports in Creating Communities, Networks and Identities, Dr. Jose Alamillo, Associate Professor of Chicano Studies


Are We Crazy About Our Kids? The Cost/Benefit Equation, Dr. Kaia Tollefson, Associate Professor of Education, and Dr. Joan Karp.

Lessons from Finland, Dr. Tiina Itkonen, Associate Professor of Education

Education System in Finland: From Equity to Excellence, Dr. Tiina Itkonen, Associate Professor of Education


Stories Behind the Stories: English Faculty Reading and Discussion, Professors of English: Brad Monsma, Bob Mayberry, Mary Adler, Sean Carswell and Sofia Samatar

Environmental Science

Climate Change in the 21st Century, Dr. Simone Aloisio, Professor of Chemistry

The Interaction Between Urban Centers and Protected Areas, Dr. Don Rodriguez, Professor of Environmental Science & Resource Management


Emerging Identities in Evolving End-of-the Century Empires, P. Scott Corbett, Ph.D., Lecturer of History

Laundering Labor and Images in 19th Century Mexico City, Marie Francois, Ph.D., Professor of History

The Neglected Pacific Theater of the First World War, Rainer Buschmann, Ph.D., Professor of History

Information Literacy

Information Literacy and the Public Sphere, Dr.'s Monica Pereira and Janet Pinkley, Assistant Librarians


Paradoxes and Shocking Outcomes in Math: Do You Still Believe in Math? Dr. Jorge Garcia, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Performing Arts

Australian Actors and Hollywood Stars, Dr. Luda Popenhagen, Professor of Performing Arts

Political Science

Politics to the Extreme: The Consequences of Partisan Polarization in Congress, Dr. Sean Kelly, Professor of Political Science

Resisting the Pressures of the Present: Channel Islands National Park as a Case Study in Public Policymaking, Dr. Scott Frisch, Professor of Political Science, and Dr. Dan Wakelee, Assistant Provost and Associate Professor of Political Science


Ordinary Men – How Normal People Can Do Terrible Things, Dr. Kevin Volkan, Professor of Psychology

Some Psychological Benefits of a Secure Relationship with God, Dr. Harley Baker, Professor of Psychology

Eastern and Western Perspectives of Health and Well-Being, Dr. Christy Teranishi Martinez, Associate Professor of Psychology

Culture-Bound Syndromes, Dr. Kevin Volkan, Professor of Psychology


Globalization, Niche Ports and the Local Economy: A Look at Port Hueneme and the Southern California Logistics Industry, Dr. Elizabeth Sowers, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Social Barriers to Taking Paid Family Leave in California: Lessons for Proposed Federal Paid Family Leave Legislation, Dr. Lindsey Trimble O'Connor, Assistant Professor of Sociology


Latin America's Most Interesting Leaders, Dr. Stephen Clark, Professor of Spanish