Detail of patio tile and ironwork

2006-2007 University Catalog

Programs and Degrees

Program Degree(s) Offered
Anthropology Minor
Applied Physics Minor
Art B.A., Minor, Certificate
Asian-Pacific Studies Minor
Biology B.A., B.S., MS, Minor, Certificate, Honors
Business & Economics B.S. Business,B.A. Economics,M.B.A., Minor, Certificate
Chemistry B.A., B.S., Minor, Certificate
Chicano/a Studies Minor
Computer Game Design & Development Minor
Computer Science B.S., MS, Minor, B.S. Information Technology
Education Credential, M.A., Certificate
English: Literature & Writing B.A., Minor, Certificate
Environmental Science & Resource Management B.S., Minor
History B.A., Minor
Liberal Studies B.A.
Mathematics B.S., M.S., Minor
Performing Arts B.A.
Political Science B.A., Minor
Psychology B.A., Minor
Sociology B.A., Minor
Spanish B.A., Minor