California State University Channel Islands (CI) accepts transfer applications for upper-division transfer students: students with more than 60 transferable semester units, or 90 transferable quarter units.

Upper-Division Transfer Requirements

  • Have a college grade point average of 2.00 or better in all transferable college units completed.
  • Are in good standing at the last college or university attended, (i.e., you are eligible to re-enroll).
  • Have completed the following classes with a grade of C or better:
    • Oral communication
    • Written communication
    • Critical thinking
    • College level mathematics/quantitative reasoning

All requirements for admission must be completed by the end of the following terms to be considered for admission:

Admit TermCompletion Date
Spring 2015End of summer 2014
Fall 2015End of spring 2015
Spring 2016End of summer 2015

Are you ready to enroll?

If you meet the requirements above and are ready to enroll:

Steps to Enroll for transfer students