Academic Programs and Planning

Existing and Planned Programs Through 2013-2017

The Academic Planning Process

The University’s academic master plan provides the timeline for implementing new majors. As a young campus, reviewing this academic plan annually is an important endeavor involving the Academic Planning Committee, the Academic Senate, the Provost and the President. Once approved on campus each fall, CI’s academic plan is forwarded by Academic Programs and Planning to the Chancellor’s Office for eventual approval in March by the Board of Trustees.

The following forms are provided for faculty proposing a change to the Academic Master Plan or submitting a program proposal for a new degree. The Proposal to Change the Academic Master Plan or ‘short form’ is used to add a degree to the master plan. The Program Proposal or ‘long form’ is used to develop a full program proposal for a degree already on the master plan.

As approved by the CSU Board of Trustees May 2013:





Existing Schools/Divisions and Degree Programs Offered or Proposed Degrees Offered Year Initiated - Minors Not Noted Schedule for Review of Existing Programs Proposed Degree Programs Fall Term
Anthropology Minor/BA 2012  2017-2018  
Applied Physics Minor/BS 2008 2015-2016  
Applied Sociology       MS 2016
Art Minor/BA 2002 2014-2015 MFA 2011*
Asian Pacific Studies Minor      
Biology Minor/BA/BS 2005/2002 2015-2016 MS 2016
Biotechnology and Bioinformatics MS** 2004 2015-2016  
Business Minor/BS/MBA 2002/2004 2015-2016, MBA 2010-2011  
Chemistry Minor/BA/BS 2004 2018-2019  
Chicana/o Studies Minor/BA 2008 2015-2016  
Coastal Sustainability       MS 2015
Communication Minor/BA 2007 2014-2015  
Computer Engineering       BS 2016
Computer Game Design/Dev Minor 2006    
Computer Science Minor/BS/MS** 2002/2005 2015-2016; MS 2015-2016  
Early Childhood Studies BA  2007-2008 2014-2015   
Economics Minor/BA 2004 2010-2011  
Education MA 2004 2010-2011; 2016-2017 EdD 2015
English Minor/BA/MA 2007/2015* 2014-2015  
Environmental Science and Resource Management Minor/BS 2002 2015-2016  
Freedom & Justice Studies       BA 2015
Geography & Urban Studies       BA 2014
Global Studies Minor/BA      BA 2014
Health Sciences  BS     BS 2014*
History Minor/BA 2004 2017-2018 MA 2015
Information Technology BS+ 2005 2012-2013  
Kinesiology/Athletic Training       BS 2016
Liberal Studies BA 2002 2014-2015  
Mathematics Minor/BS/MS** 2002 2014-2015; MS 2015-2016  
Nursing BS 2007 2013-2014 MS 2015
Nutrition/Dietetics       BS 2016
Performing Arts Minor/BA 2006 2012-2013  
Philosophy       BA 2016
Political Science Minor/BA 2006 2012-2013  
Psychology Minor/BA 2004 2017-201/  
Public Administration       MPA 2013
Sociology Minor/BA 2005 2012-2013  
Spanish Minor/BA 2005 2018-2019  

* New degrees are launched based on the availability of resources. Please check with Academic Programs and Planning for the latest information pertaining to PLANNED DEGREES.

** Designates self support offered through Extended Education

+ Designates pending approval from the CSU Chancellor's Office