Committee on Access, Retention, Success


Committee members are position specific and appointed by the president, to ensure representation from across campus, including faculty from different discipline areas and students.

CARS Membership Fall 2010

Name Position
Ruben Alarcon Assistant Professor of Biology
Gary Berg Dean of Extended Education
Elizabeth Bingham Student
Emily Deakin Controller General Accounting
Jaquelyn Kilpatrick Professor of English, Chair, English Program
Nelle Moffett Director of Institutional Research
Jonathan Neira Student
Damien Pena Director of Access, Orientation and Transition Programs
Kaia Tollefson Associate Professor of Education
Dan Wakelee  Associate Dean of Faculty
 Jane Sweetland Chief Enrollment Officer (Chair)

CARS Membership Spring 2010

CARS Membership Fall 2009

EMSSC Membership Spring 2009

EMSSC Membership Fall 2008

EMSSC Membership 2007-2008


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