Center for International Affairs

Admission Requirements

  • A cumulative GPA for all higher education work of 3.0 at the time of the application deadline. Students with a cumulative GPA below the stipulated level will be considered when special circumstances exist. These special circumstances must be addressed in the application.
  • Your major must fall within the majors posted on our website for this exchange program. 
  • Complete the two-page application form
  • Write a brief statement of purpose
  • An official transcript from CSUCI
  • One letter of recommendation from a faculty member in your field of study
  • International health insurance coverage (i.e. must be covered for the entire duration of the program).  Your admittance status is dependent on the purchase of this CSU Health Insurance
  • An in-person interview with CI staff and faculty 

Academic Calendar //  Fall & Spring Term 2014


               Spring 2014

                  Fall 2014

  Arrival Date

  7 Jan

  28 Aug


  10-17 Jan

  1 Sept

  Classes Begin

  20 Jan

  8 Sept

  Break (s)

  17-22 Apr (Easter)


  Exam Dates

  8-24 May

  11-23 Dec

  Departure Date

  31 May (or until expiry of student status, i.e. by 31 Aug)

  by 31 Dec