Option 1: On-campus Dorms

Dorms are managed by "Seezeit," which is an organization independent of Zeppelin University. For more information visit the Seezeit website*. If you are interested in on-campus housing, please contact Seezeit directly. The contact person at Seezeit is Ms. Sohana Jurytko and you can email her directly: sohana.jurytko@seezeit.com. On-campus dorms on a first come first serve basis which is why we recommend applying as soon as you are admitted to ZU.

*Description of On-campus Dorms 
  • The website is in German, but you can put the information into Google Translate for the English version
On-campus Dorm Application Deadline
  • 1 June for fall term
  • 1 November for spring term
Estimated On-campus Dorm Cost Per Semester
  • Roughly $500 per month, multiplied by 4 months- equals roughly $2,000 per semester

ZU student housing photos

Option 2: Wohnungen Grimm

Mr. Grimm is a private landlord in Friedrichshafen with a fair amount of apartments, some of which he often offers to exchange students. For more information please contact Mr. Grimm directly: buero-schweizer@live.de.

Option 3: Housing Anywhere

This is an online platform where you can find private housing offers. Please access the platform here, enter code flatbook2013.

A little insight on transportation in Friedrichshafen:

Friedrichshafen is a quaint, small town and does not have 'S- bahn or U- bahns' which are the German subway systems. The bus schedule is pretty limited, and only have 2 busses and hour and stops running at 11pm. Because of this, the main mode of transportation is bicycle. There is a second hand shop next to the ZU dormitory where all the internationals buy their bikes as well as get them fixed. The bikes are very cheap and can be sold back when the semester is done.