Center for International Affairs

Housing Options

Your first option: Student Housing

First and foremost, getting in contact with the head of International Affairs, Silke Pfaller ( to check availability for living in the dorms is probably your best option. There is a deadline to apply for student housing and spots are on a first come first serve basis.

Description of Student Housing

(you will receive information after application)

Housing Application Deadline

1 June for fall term

1 November for spring term

Housing Cost Per Semester

~ $400 per month x 5 = ~$2,000 per semester

Housing Platform (you will receive log-in data after application)

 ZU student housing photos

Second Option:

If you choose to not stay in student housing there are two very helpful options for finding open rooms in FN.The first is the University's Housing page on Facebook: Zimmer frei FN - Zur Miete in Friedrichshafen. This is a group of all the students at ZU who post their availabilities for housing, furniture and bikes. It is VERY helpful and would recommend joining the group, even if you are living in the dorms. There is also this website, which is equivalent to a 'German craigslist'. This site is called: Many FN students have listings on this website, as well as regular adults from the community.


A little insight on transportation in FN:

Friedrichshafen is a quaint, small town and does not have 'S- bahn or U- bahns' which are the German subway systems. The bus schedule is pretty limited, and only have 2 busses and hour and stops running at 11pm. Because of this, the main mode of transportation is bicycle. There is a second hand shop next to the ZU dormitory where all the internationals buy their bikes as well as get them fixed. The bikes are very cheap and can be sold back when the semester is done.