Center for International Affairs

Zeppelin University
LakeConstance, Germany

Zeppelin University (ZU) is a unique and fascinating university to attend because it is a “Pioneering University” which focuses on the special interests and skills of students and researchers. Their objective: “the uncrompromising pursuit of academic curiosity and excellence.” ZU has a highly motivated student body consisting of 1,100 students, 80 of them being exchange students. ZU defines itself as an individualized, international and interdisciplinary educator of well-rounded decision makers and creative innovators in the fields of business, culture and politics, as well as multi-disciplinary research institution exploring issues relevant to society.
ZU is located in a charming part of Germany, on the banks of Lake Constance. The University boasts a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps and is only a 90 minute train ride to major cities Munich, Stuttgart, and Zurich. 

April 15th is the application deadline to attend Zeppelin for the Fall 2014 semester. 

Fall 2014 Zeppelin University Academic Calendar

Student Photo Essays- These are available for you to read CI students' experiences at ZU. 

Information on ZU (PDF, 481KB)

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This program is open to the following majors:

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Communications
  • Global Studies


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