Congratulations for choosing to study abroad with the CSU International Programs (IP), the system-wide study abroad program for California State University students!

Why a whole academic year?

To get the most out of the study abroad experience, personally and academically.

Some things cannot be rushed. One of these things is cultural immersion. It takes time to go beyond tourism and undergo the transformation from visitor to resident.  An academic year offers the opportunity for the fullest possible integration in the context of University studies.

To allow time to achieve advanced language, academic and cultural coping skills.

During the first half of your year you will be learning, adjusting, and taking in information at an incredibly rapid pace. During the second half of your year you will be applying and using what you have learned and you will finally feel “at home” in your host country and host university environment.

More Information on why you should embrace a year abroad (PDF, 52.1KB)