Accommodations are not automatically provided by the University. It is the student's choice to self-identify a disability and their responsibility to request DRP services. 

New Students

Procedure for Requesting Classroom Accommodations/Services:

Apply for DRP Services

Note: Applications should only be completed by new students requesting classroom accommodations. Students who have already registered with DRP do not need to reapply for services

  1. Student must first be admitted into the University
  2. Apply for DRP services by clicking the link above to complete application form
  3. Submit documentation from external or third party sources (documentation must be uploaded online, faxed to 805-437-8529, or submitted in-person at the Education Access Center located in Bell Tower, Room 1541

     Documentation from external or third party sources may include:

    • Educational or medical records, reports and assessments created by health care providers, school psychologists, teachers, or the education system
    • NOTE: If you do not have any documentation from external or third party sources, you must complete and submit a "Self-Report Form” (PDF, 602KB).  However, if the nature and extent of the disability is not evident, some form of documentation from external sources is typically needed.

New and Returning Students

Procedure for Requesting Housing Accommodations/Services:

Note: Disability Accommodation requests need to be completed each academic year before the designated deadline to ensure reasonable accommodations within the residential facilities. 

For students with disabilities who have specific disability accommodation requests within the residential facilities, please visit the Housing & Residential Education website at for more information on how to request Disability Housing Accommodations. 

Returning Students

Although it is not necessary for you to provide DRP with verifying documentation each semester, students are required to add their classes on DRP Online Services each semester that accommodations are needed. Students will only be required to provide additional documentation if a new accommodation is requested and documentation on file does not justify the need.

Returning students are encouraged to request classroom accommodations immediately after course registration to ensure that accommodations are provided in a timely manner.

To schedule an appointment with a DRP counselor, please visit us at the Educational Access Center, Bell Tower 1541, or call 805-437-3331.