Accommodations are not automatically provided by the University. It is the student's choice to self-identify a disability and request services.

All students requesting reasonable accommodations must provide Disability Resource Programs (DRP) with documentation of their disability and schedule a new student appointment with a disabilities resource counselor.

New Student Information

Returning Student Information

New Students

Welcome to DRP!

CI places all students at the center of their education and is committed to providing you with an accessible educational experience. Students with disabilities are valued for the diversity they bring to the campus community. We recognize the various challenges a disability may bring and our philosophy is to focus on student abilities, strengths and educational determination.

DRP is the only department designated by the University to obtain, review and maintain records of your disability as they pertain to classroom accommodations, and is committed to ensuring that all information regarding a student is confidentially maintained as required or permitted by law.

Procedures for Requesting Services:

  1. Student must first be admitted into the University and registered for classes.
  2. Student contacts Disability Resource Programs at (805) 437-3331 and requests to schedule a new student intake appointment with the disabilities counselor. When the student schedules the intake appointment, s/he is provided with the following forms:
    • Application for Services
    • Accommodations Request Form
    • Service and Accommodation Agreement
  3. Student completes intake forms, obtains verifying documentation and brings them to the intake appointment.
  4. During the intake appointment, the disabilities counselor reviews the completed intake forms, conducts an intake interview, and determines reasonable academic accommodations based on the request of the student, available resources, and verification of need.
  5. At the conclusion of the intake appointment, the student receives Faculty Notification Letters and, dependant on qualification, may receive a Note-taker Packet and Request for Alternative Testing Form.
  6. Student submits Faculty Notification Letters and other qualification forms to faculty members. Timely requests are crucial to the process of facilitating accommodations.
  7. Students are required to register for services each semester that accommodations are needed.

Returning Students

We look forward to continuing to work together with you and providing you with an accessible education!

Although it is not necessary for you to provide DRP with verifying documentation each semester, students are required to register for services each semester that accommodations are needed. You will only be required to provide additional documentation if a new accommodation is requested and documentation on file does not justify the need.

Returning students are encouraged to register for DRP services immediately after course registration to ensure that your accommodations are provided in a timely manner.

To obtain the dates for the returning student open intake or to schedule a one-on-one returning student intake appointment with a disabilities counselor, please visit us at the Educational Access Center, Bell Tower 1541, or call (805) 437-3331.