11/25/14 -  Accounting has released the new & improved Journal Entry Transfer (JET)/ (RET) Version 2 form. The use of the new version of this form will be mandatory starting December 1, 2014. 

Table of Contents

Budget FormsIssuedInstructionsTraining
Request to Add/Inactivate/Change Chartfield (MS Excel, 128KB)08/2012Within form-
Payroll Expenditure Transfer Form (MS Excel, 165KB)08/2014--
Trust Project Request Form (PDF, 279KB)03/2007Within form-
Expense Transfer Justification Form (MS Word, 33KB) This form is for transferring expenses that are older than 90-days.04/2009--
Student Financial Item Type Request Form (MS Excel, 53KB)05/2012Within form-
Computer Refresh Agreement Form (MS Word, 24KB)09/2009-FAQ


Grants & Contracts FormsIssuedInstructionsTraining
Close Out - Sponsored Projects Check List (PDF, 643KB)08/2010--
Close Out - Property and Inventory Report for Sponsored Projects (PDF, 569KB)08/2010--
System Support FormsIssuedInstructionsTraining
Hyperion Access Request Form (MS Word, 125.3 KB)01/2012--
CashNet eMarket Request Form (MS Word, 73KB)07/2014-FAQ
CashNet Security Request Form (PDF, 316KB)09/2012-FAQ


Accounting FormsIssuedInstructionsTraining
CI Journal Entry Transfer (JET)/ (RET) v2 
(ZIP MS Excel, 253KB)
For campus use to transfer charges from one accounting string to another, or to transfer between entities through the use of an accounting journal entry.
11/2014JET Process Guide (PDF, 2.4MB) RET Process Guide (PDF, 1.2MB)JET/RET v2 Power Point (PDF, 634KB)
CI Deposit Detail Form (DDF) (ZIP MS Excel, 156KB) For Cashier Office and Auxiliary Use.09/2013DDF Process Guide (PDF, 2.8MB)DDF Power Point (PDF, 1.2MB)
Deposit Request (MS Excel, 73KB) For campus use to request the deposit of funds to a specific fund or department.05/2013--
Campus Invoice Request (MS Excel, 119KB) For campus use to request an invoice be issued.11/2012--
ASI Invoice Request (MS Excel, 341KB) For ASI use to request an invoice be issued.10/2011--
Foundation Invoice Request (MS Excel, 121KB) For CI Foundation use to request an invoice be issued.10/2011--
University Glen Corp. Invoice Request (MS Excel, 32KB) For UGC use to request an invoice be issued.10/2011--


Accounts Payable FormsIssuedInstructionsTraining
CA STD 204- Payee Data Record (PDF, 161KB) For new vendors/suppliers to complete in order to be included in CI system. We cannot accept W-9 forms from suppliers.06/2003Within form-
Travel Authorization Form (MS Excel, 62KB) For Faculty, Staff, Students & Volunteers to be completed prior to travel.01/2014Within form-
CA STD 236 - Hotel/Motel Transient Occupancy Tax Waiver (PDF, 161KB) For State of California travelers to provide exemption for hotel/motel taxes when accepted at the time of booking.09/1991--

Travel and Expense Claim Workbook

(ZIP MS Excel, 506KB)

For Faculty, Staff, Students & Volunteers after travel or expense.

01/2014Instructions (PDF,188KB)Tutorial (PDF, 2.4MB)
Monthly Mileage Log (MS Excel, 21KB) For Faculty or Staff who travel regularly as part of their normal duties.07/2010--
Check Request (MS Word, 184KB) For Faculty & Staff issuing vendor payments.11//2011Within form-
Wire Transfer Request Form (PDF, 184KB) For Faculty & Staff requesting vendor payment by wire transfer.02/2011--
Lost/Missing Receipt Form (MS Word, 114KB) For Faculty, Staff, Students & Volunteers after travel or expense.07/2011--

CI Epayment Authorization Form (ACH/EFT) 

For all Employees, Vendors & Suppliers to receive accounts payable payments through direct deposit (ACH/EFT).



Other Forms


CI Finance 101 Training PresentationsIssued
ProCard Refresher     (PDF, 161KB)11/2014
Hyperion  11/2014
Understanding Accounting Strings 11/2014

Travel Workshop

a) How to Submit a Travel Authorization    (PDF, 182KB)

b) Risk Management in Travel       (PDF, 1.8MB)

c) How to Submit a Travel Reimbursement     (PDF, 1.26MB)


Section 508 Accessibility - How to Purchase Electronic and Information Technology Products     (PDF, 93KB)


Revised JET/RET Form – Version 2.0 Training      (PDF, 1.4MB)


Journal Entry Transfer (JET) Training     (PDF, 1.4MB)

Related Entity Transaction (RET) Training     (PDF, 2.2MB)

Payroll Distribution Process           (PDF, 1.3MKB)11/2014
Online Requisitions         11/2014
Data Warehouse 11G Updates       (PDF, 1.0MB)11/2014
Position Management     (PDF, 832KB)11/2014