CSU Channel Island’s grounds employees work throughout the year, come rain or shine, to maintain and preserve our campus grounds. The following services are either completed on a routine basis or are areas that are maintained on a schedule. 

Plant Care

Maintenance and care of plants on campus, including trimming and pruning, replanting and weed control.

Tree Care

Tree trimming , decease treatment , and removal.

Mowing and Lawn Care

Mowing is done on a weekly schedule. Other turf-care tasks include, edging ,spraying, string trimming, fertilizing, herbicide broadleaf treatment and blowing.

Street Sweeping

Street and Parking lot sweeping will be done bi-weekly on Thursdays from 7 am -3 pm .


Irrigation schedules are designed to minimize interference with outdoor activities. If you are holding an outdoor event please note this when you request your 25Live.

The CI Campus uses 99% reclaimed water for our campus irrigation. 

Recreation Sports Fields

Mowing is done weekly at a playing surface height of 1 inch. Soft ball infield will be maintained on a as needed basis.  


Litter is removed from outdoor trash and recycling bins on a daily basis.


Grounds services maintains debris cleanup on all campus paved areas.

Contact Information

Grounds Lead - Jason Hughes

(805) 437-3227 - Office

(805) 312-5387 - Cell

E-mail: jason.hughes@csuci.edu