Grounds employees work throughout the year, rain or shine, to maintain our campus grounds.The following services are completed on a routine basis or are areas that are maintained on a schedule. 

Plant Care

Maintenance and care of plants on campus, including trimming and pruning, replanting and weed control. 

Tree Care

Tree trimming and removal.


Mowing is done weekly. Other turf-care tasks include edging, spraying, string trimming, sweeping, blowing and hand mowing.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is done twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. 


Irrigation schedules are designed to minimize interference with outdoor activities. If you are holding an outdoor event please note this when you request your 25Live.

The CI Campus uses 99% reclaimed water for our campus irrigation. 

Field Turf

Mowing is done once a week in two directions at the hieght of 1 inch. 


Litter is removed from outdoor trash and recycling bins on a daily basis.


Grounds department repairs and maintain institutional roads, parking lots and sidewalks throughout campus.

Contact Information

Dannie Fox

(805) 312-5872 -Cell

(805) 437-8928- Office