CSU Channel Islands, under the leadership of Department of Facilities Services (FS), has vigorously pursued campus energy conservation since the “Going Green” campaign was launched at the beginning of the 2008/09 academic year. This program has yielded great results since its launch. Figure 1 (below) is an excellent illustration of the electricity savings CI has achieved through a variety of energy efficient programs on campus:

In 08-09 CI used 11.89 kWh/GSF. In 09-10 CI used 9.93 kWh/GSF reduction of 15% from 08-09. In 10-11 CI used 9.613 kWh/GSF reduction of 19% from 08-09. In 11-12 CI used 8.43 kWh/GSF reduction of 29% from 08-09. In 12-13 CI used 8.61 kWh/GSF reduction of 28% from 08-09. In 13-14 CI used 8.21 kWh/GSF reduction of 31% from 08-09.

Electricity Consumption on a kWh/SqFt Basis 2008-2013

As the campus continues to grow our energy demands will also increase. It is important that electricity consumption is measured on a kiloWattHour (kWh/GSF) basis.

Additional Information

Please see the following links for additional information on CSU Channel Islands energy conservation efforts: