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Waste Management at CI

Current Waste Management Achievements

Waste WiseCSU Channel Islands has been able to achieve a diversion rate ranging from 60%-63%. This has been achieved with very little community education or communication. We recently launched a recycling campaign that aims to educate the CI community on how the waste stream works and how their contributions do make a difference. Our goal is to reach 70% diversion for the next academic year, 2013-2014. To reach this goal we will need to increase the communication and educational efforts about waste management in the CI community.

Below are several graphs that help visualize our progress in waste minimization and diversion.

Plans for Future Waste Management Success

Behavioral modification towards waste management is essential to increase our diversion rate. Waste needs to make the transition from a topic that has traditionally been viewed as filthy to one that stresses the environmental importance of sustainable waste management practices. Waste management needs to become a comfortable discussion topic, where individuals encourage one another to properly recycle and compost but also feel comfortable in calling out community members when they have identified a waste management mistake. Modifying individuals’ behaviors towards waste management issues starts with education. With that in mind, the recently launched recycling campaign will consist of various communication efforts and outreach programs that build upon existing practices. This campaign will target the CI community through the use of social media outlets, posters, signage and presentations. The following will be performed:

  • Additional Campus Waste Management Information:
    Updating our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GreenScreens with the most up-to-date information on waste management and opportunities to get involved.
  • Posters and signage will be developed and displayed throughout the campus. We intend to change these posters and signage monthly or bimonthly to keep the signage eye-catching and attractive.
  • FS will participate in the many tabling events that occur on campus throughout the academic year. This participation will be used to present the most up-to-date information on waste management and opportunities to get involved.

Additional Information

Please see the following links for additional information of CSU Channel Islands waste management and minimization efforts:

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