Who Can Use the Graduate Writing Studio (GWS):

  • All admitted CI Credential and graduate students are eligible to use the Graduate Writing Studio. CI undergraduate students are encouraged to use the University Writing and Multiliteracy Center located in Broome Library.
  • The GWS strives to serve all of CI’s post baccalaureate students and accommodate their diverse learning needs. We work collaboratively with CI’s Disability Resource Program to provide services for students who are registered with the DRP. All disability related information will remain confidential.

How to Make An Appointment:

  • Appointments may be made up to 2 weeks in advance, either by calling 805-437-3594 between the hours of 12 noon and 8 pm Monday-Thursday, or by sending an email request to: gscwritingstudio@csuci.edu

What to Expect:

  • Each student may reserve a maximum of one hour per week of individual writing consultation. (After an initial face-to-face consultation, follow-up work may be completed online).
  • If you fail to show up for an appointment, or fail to provide notice of cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment (either by phone or email), you will have to wait 2 weeks for another appointment or be on standby for space available.
  • Interactive: You must be involved in the session. Don’t expect to drop off a paper and have someone work on it.
  • Come prepared to help the Graduate Writing Studio Instructor know what you are doing and what instructions you were given, to provide any outlines or writing samples you have completed, and to advise the Instructor of any applicable deadlines.
  • The Graduate Writing Studio’s objective is to help Credential and Graduate students grow as independent academic writers, rather than to “fix” their papers. Writing instructors can work with you on clarity and coherence, discuss the development of your argument, and offer strategies to strengthen your structure or express your voice. They can help you with your paragraph and sentence structure and enhance your grammar. The Writing Studio does not provide copy-editing or proofreading services.
  • We are constantly seeking to improve our services. Therefore, after your appointment you will receive an email inviting you to submit an anonymous survey of your experience with the GWS.

What to Bring:

  • One paper copy of whatever you are working on
  • Your laptop, if you prefer to review your work online
  • Your assignment, instructions, forms, guidelines, etc.
  • Supporting documents- articles, books that will help during the session to advance your progress

Privacy Policy:

All services are confidential. No information about graduate student use of our services will be released except information required by university policy or law.

Faculty Services:

Support services for faculty include:

  • Class visits to talk about GWS services.
  • Workshops on researching and writing theses/final projects (offered in conjunction with library personnel).
  • While we hope that faculty will encourage students to make use of the GWS services, in the interest of stressing student responsibility and initiative, we do not take direct referrals from faculty. If a faculty member would like to submit specific concerns regarding a student’s writing, they are welcome to send a note expressing those areas needing particular attention.

In summary, we are here to relieve credential and graduate students’ writing-related anxiety, and to overcome obstacles in the writing process. We will help you to bolster the strengths of and combat the weaknesses in your writing. We are here to help you succeed in your post baccalaureate program!