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 Application Process


Campus Life

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Application Process:

 Q: I filled out the online application; how can I be sure you have received it?  [top]

A: Once you have completed your application, you will receive a confirmation number. This confirms your application was received. An application confirmation receipt will be sent to the email address you have listed for your Dolphin VIP account.  Your application is viewed as incomplete until we have received your $50 application payment.  As your application and payment are received and processed, an offer of housing accommodations will be extended to you based upon space availability. 

 Q: I am a freshman/transfer student – how do I apply for housing?  [top]

A: All incoming transfer students and freshman must apply to the University before they may apply for housing. Once students are admitted to the University they will receive a letter of provisional admittance and an Intent to Enroll form.

Students must turn in their Intent to Enroll form and the associated $100.00 deposit before they can apply for housing. Approximately 7-10 business days after students have submitted their Intent to Enroll form and deposit, a prompt on their Dolphin VIP page will provide them access to the student housing application link.

Students must fill out an online housing application and turn in the $50.00 application fee before their application will be processed. All payments must be submitted to the Student Business Services office, located in Sage Hall.

Transfer students must have completed a minimum of 56 transferrable units in order to qualify to reside in Anacapa Village.

Q: What if I need specific accommodations based upon my disability need?

CSU Channel Islands has a strong commitment to providing access and availability to the University for all students. We have numerous apartments and suites that are ADA accessible.  Students requiring special accommodations may apply based upon disability need via the Disability Resource Programs website  Necessary forms to complete can be accessed via the Disability Resource Program. Completed forms must be returned no later than July 1, 2011 for review and recommendation to take place to ensure effective coordination of University services, which includes housing accommodations.  Should a student not meet all required guidelines and due dates, the review of student's request may be delayed and accommodations may not be available.


 Q: Is the housing application fee refundable?  [top]

A: This fee is for the administrative work needed to process your application and is therefore non-refundable.

 Q: Is on-campus housing guaranteed if I turn in the application?  [top]

A: Anyone who applies for housing, has a signed contract on file and has made their first $1,300.00 payment by June 8th will be guaranteed a bed space. After June 8th, bed space will be awarded on a space-available basis.

Q: How will I recieve communication from Student Housing regarding my status in the application to resident process?

A: Our main means of communication with our applicants will take place via the email address that their University application was registered under, as well as through an individual's campus Dolphin VIP account (recieved once a student is admitted to the University).  It is very important that both methods of communication are checked on a regular basis to obtain information regarding the individual steps in the applicant to resident process.



 Q: What is the cost of living in student housing and what does that include?  [top]

A: We are proud to offer excellent facilities and programs at a rate that is competitive with living accommodations off campus that do not offer the same convenience and social and educational experiences.  Please see the Rates page for the current housing rates and additional information.

Anacapa and Santa Cruz Villages offer the following amenities:

  • Your bed space (shared room in Santa Cruz, private bedroom in Anacapa) 
  • All utilities:  Trash and recycling pick up, water, electricity, gas/steam, Internet connectivity and cable television 
  • Maintenance services for the general upkeep of your suite or apartment and its amenities to maintain good operating condition 
  • Programs and activities which make living on campus such a fun, educational and memorable experience.  Most programs and activities are made available at no charge to our residents.
  • 24-hour staff support to assist with questions and issues related to your on-campus experience and to respond to emergency concerns as needed

 Q: Do you have a payment plan?  [top]

A: Yes, we offer an affordable payment plan. Please see the Rates page for more information.
 Q: What do I do if my financial aid does not cover all of my housing expenses?  [top]

A: The University applies your financial aid first to registration fees, second to housing fees and third to any other outstanding payments that may be due. In order to defer payments for housing, you must have enough anticipated aid on your account to cover all registration and housing fees by the June 8, 2010 payment due date and receive permission from the housing office via a Financial Aid Housing fee deferral request. If your financial aid is not posted by the initial payment due date, you will be held responsible for paying the amounts due according to the installment plan until your account is paid in full. Students must check their account information through “myCI” or call the Financial Aid office at (805) 437-8530 before the deadline to ensure that the aid has been applied. Students are encouraged to apply early for financial aid and respond quickly to every request for information from the Financial Aid office or from loan providers.  It takes at least 10 business days to post anticipated aid so if you apply for financial aid after May 29th you can expect to pay the first payment out of pocket.

Q: Will I receive regular billing statements regarding payment amounts and designated due dates?

A: NO, it is the responsibility of the student to make payment by the designated payment deadlines as outlined in the Student Housing License Agreement.  Should payment be received after the payment deadline, a $25 fee will be applied to each late payment received.  Further, it is the responsibility of the student to check their myCI account to remain up to date regarding their account status with the University.
 Q: Why can’t I live in Anacapa Village if I agree to pay more and there is space available?  [top]

A: While we understand that living in an apartment has its allure, we place all freshmen and most underclassman in Santa Cruz Village. As you first start you college experience, we understand that the need for creating and maintaining relationships is essential to your success as a student. Santa Cruz Village and its amenities have been designed with these needs in mind and we feel that new University students will receive their best start there.

 Q: Will I know who my roommates are before the move-in date?  [top]

A: Roommate assignments will be completed and disseminated during the first week of August to the email address that your housing application is registered under. To be considered for placement you will need a completed License Agreement on file and you must be current with all housing payments.

 Q: Can I choose my roommate for next year?  [top]

A: You may request a roommate. We make every possible effort to place students with mutual requests. If students do not request each other, then the request will be void. Roommate preferences are made via your on-line housing application.  Roommate requests can be made after the initial submission of your housing application, but must be submitted by July 8 for consideration.  Our ability to place students is based on the contracts being signed and payments being current and on file during the roommate matching process.

Please keep in mind the following important requirements when making a roommate request..

  • You must have the correct spelling of your requested roommate's name as it is reflecting in their CI student record.  For example, Bill Smith may show as 'William Smith'.  For best results, please confirm the accurate spelling of your preferred roommate's name prior to completing your housing application.
  • Your preferred roommate(s) must have applied to CI, or be a continuing student for the same academic term during which you'd like to be their roommate.
  • To be honored, all roommate requests must be mutual.
  • To receive full consideration for roommate requests, the following must be submitted by July 8, 2010
    • Housing Application (completed)
    • Non-Refundable Housing application fee of $50.00
    • Student Housing License Agreement and
    • Initial Payment of $1,300.00 or have a financial aid deferral request on file.

 Q: How do I know if I should bring appliances for my suite or if my roommate is bringing them?  [top]

A: Once the roommate matching process is complete, you will receive the contact information of your apartment-mates or suitemates. You will have the opportunity to contact each of them via email and coordinate items each roommate will bring and/or can share in purchasing. We advise all residents to hold off on purchasing shared items until contact has been made with all roommates.

 Q: What if I do not like the room I am in when I move in?  [top]

A: There is a mandatory three week waiting period before we accept applications for room changes. This time period allows for students to become acclimated to their new environment and acquainted with one another.

During this settling period, we encourage students to make their best effort toward getting to know their roommates, learning each other’s similarities and differences and to communicate with each other respectively.

 Q: What should I bring when I move in?  [top]

A: Twin sheets (size XL), blankets, towels, toiletries, and pillows are a few of the necessary items. When we send you your move-in information, we will also include a list of suggested items you should bring with you to make you as comfortable as possible in your new “home away from home.” Check out our Move In page for more information!

 Q: Can I decorate my room?  [top]

A: Yes, you can decorate and add your personal touch to your room. Please keep in mind that wall patching or damage will be charged to you at the end of the semester. We encourage students to use wall tacky to hang pictures, posters and small items.  Curtains are encouraged with use of an adjustable curtain rod used in the window sill.

 Q: What comes in the room?  [top]

A: Santa Cruz Village is comprised of two-bedroom furnished suites shared by four students and a limited number of single rooms.  Each suite has its own large bathroom and entry way. Santa Cruz Village suites come equipped with two beds and mattresses, two desks and chairs, dressers, and a closet for storage for both you and your suitemate. Each desk has a file cabinet drawer that can be kept locked for safekeeping. Not provided in the Santa Cruz Village suites are a refrigerator or microwave.

 Q: Can I continue to live on campus during the winter and spring breaks?  [top]

A: There are certain periods during which residents must temporarily vacate their residences.  These dates are listed in the License Agreement.  We are aware that students have different circumstances and sometimes going home for breaks is not ideal. Any student in good standing can request an extended stay at an additional cost.  

 Q: Is the campus safe?  [top]

A: We have a police station on campus with sworn officers and a minimum of two police officers on duty at all times. Call boxes that connect directly to the police for any emergency and/or non emergency calls are located around the campus and a free ‘after dark’ shuttle service that will take you all over campus is available as well. As with any public place, we urge students to use good judgment in their interactions and behavior.

 Q: What are the housing office hours?  [top]

A: We have two village offices and a main housing office. Between these three locations, we are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This enables us to be accessible to students’ needs and/ or questions.  Specific office hours are listed below.

Main HRE office – 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and 11 p.m.-8 a.m. Monday through Friday

 Q: Is there a nightly room check or curfew?  [top]

A: No. We trust our students are responsible, so there are no nightly room checks or curfews. However, we do enforce quiet hours from 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. During these times we ask residents to be considerate of their roommates and neighbors. Resident assistants conduct wellness checks nightly by walking the grounds and hallways to make sure everything is in order and there are no student conduct issues. Village walks (“rounds”) are done routinely during the week at 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m., and at 10:00 p.m., 12:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. on weekends.

 Q: Do I have a meal plan?  [top]

A: The meal plans are a mandatory part of the License Agreement and included in your housing costs. The meal plans are intended to provide you with approximately 13 meals per week and should provide an assurance that you will have some meals as part of your residence. Meal plans are run as declining balance cards. There are no restrictions on when or how often you may eat at the café and you will pay for only what you order. We have a wide variety of food choices and there are selections for vegetarians as well. The meal cards are mandatory, with the exception of verifiable medical reasons. Residents may request a meal plan exemption from the HRE office during designated periods.  For the fall semester, applications must be received by July 1 and for spring semester by December 1.

 Q: Do I have a meal card?  [top]

A: Your campus ID, meal card, and library card are all one card. If you lose your campus ID card you may obtain a new one at the University Cash Services office in Sage Hall for $15.00.

 Q: May I increase or reduce my meal plan during the school year?  [top]

A: To increase your meal plan, take a payment for the additional amount desired to the University Cash Services office. Decreases to the meal plan are not allowed.  Students are encouraged to spend their meal accounts to a ZERO balance before the end of the academic year.  While balances remaining from the fall semester do carry over to spring, balances DO NOT rollover from one academic year to the next.  Meal Plan Waivers are considered and typically only approved for documented dietary or religious reasons.  The deadline to apply for a waiver for fall is July 1, 2009.

 Q: If I live in one village can I use the amenities in the other village?  [top]

A: Yes, you may utilize the numerous activities and services in either village. Student housing was designed to promote and enhance student socialization and interaction. You will see that each village has its own standout amenities to encourage movement throughout the facilities. Why stay in Santa Cruz when you can relax in the spa of Anacapa and meet some upperclassman that can share some secrets to academic success? Have some of your friends from Santa Cruz challenge you to a game of stripes and solids on the billiard table. Interaction between villages and interaction with your peers is strongly encouraged.

 Q: Can I have a small pet in my room?  [top]

A: We do not allow pets to live in student housing for many reasons. Such reasons include the consideration of others and health and sanitary issues. Small fish in fish tanks less than five gallons are acceptable in your room.

 Q: Where do I park?  [top]

A: Housing residents have two designated parking areas. You may park in the SH1 and the SH2 parking lots. SH1 is behind Anacapa Village and SH2 is behind Santa Cruz Village. You may purchase your parking permit from Transportation and Parking Services or the University Cash Services office. Parking permits cost $135.00 per semester (as of Spring 2009 and subject to change at any time) and are not included in your housing fees. Parking compliance is enforced at all times.

 Q: Is it necessary to have a car? Are there any public transportation options?  [top]

A: The VISTA Bus system has regularly scheduled service to the University from the Metrolink station in Camarillo and Oxnard College and the Centerpoint Mall in Oxnard. The cost is $1 each way. Schedules will be available at Island View Orientation and are also available at the Transportation and Parking Services office and online at  A semester (16 week) pass is available for $25, entitling the holder to transportation on the VISTA, SCAT and CAT systems. The CAT bus is available in Camarillo on a regular schedule or dial-a-ride basis. It stops at the Metrolink station, enabling connection to the VISTA bus to campus.

 Q: How much is it to do laundry? And how do we pay for it?  [top]

A: We have a total of four laundry rooms: one in Santa Cruz Village and three in Anacapa Village. Washing is $1.25 and drying is $0.50. You don’t have to worry about searching for quarters when you need to do laundry – you will use a laundry card that slides into the machines. You may put money on your laundry card using your credit card in either the Santa Cruz or Anacapa Village office during normal office hours.  If you want to add money to your card using cash, this service is currently only available in the Anacapa Village office.

 Q: What are the hours for Islands Café, the Recreation Center, the game room and the rest of the amenities housing has to offer?  [top]

A: The gym, game room, music room, art room, and media room in Santa Cruz Village are open from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. seven days a week.

Island’s Café hours (as of Spring 2009):
Monday – Thursday:  7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Friday:  7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday:  10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  

Recreation Center hours (as of Spring 2009):
Monday - Thursday:  11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Friday:  11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday:  12:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Sunday:  3:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

 Q: What is the policy with overnight guests?  [top]

A: You are allowed eight overnight guests per semester.  We require that you register your guests at your designated village office upon their arrival and that they stay with you at all times during their visit. 


Campus Life:

 Q: What clubs are there?  [top]

A: Student clubs and organizations at CSU Channel Islands play an important role in the University community. They increase the vitality of the campus, provide leadership and community service opportunities, and cover interests ranging from sports to politics. Student Leadership Programs coordinates registration for campus clubs and organizations each semester and provides educational opportunities for individual students and student clubs/organizations. Services available to clubs/organizations include budget assistance, program development and leadership training.

Some of the clubs include: ASI – CI View student newspaper, ASI – Student Government, ASI – Student Programming Board, ASI – The Nautical yearbook, Instrumental Music Club, Island Cheer, Math Club, Political Action Club, Sailing Club, Soccer Club, Lacrosse Club, and Zeta Pi Omega Sorority.
For information on how to start a club, please contact Leadership, Career and Health, Bell Tower Room 1858, (805) 437-8998.

 Q: What are other fitness options besides going to the gym?  [top]

A: The Recreation Center is not only a place to go to lift weights and play basketball with your friends; it also offers many opportunities for you to sign up for intramural and extramural sports and beginner- to expert-level programs that include kayaking, sailing, fishing, hiking, camping, and more!

 Q: How can I get involved with the school and meet new people?  [top]

A: As a new freshman you will be welcomed by new student orientation and transition events. Orientation is designed to get you acquainted with what CI has to offer and transition programs include block parties, the annual welcome celebration, and “Be a Part From the Start” events, all of which are designed to invite students to get acquainted with each other.

 Q: What is there to do on the weekends?  [top]

A: The campus is a quick 10-minute drive from beaches off Pacific Coast Highway which continues through Malibu. Ventura is about 15 minutes away and Santa Barbara is about 40 minutes. Things to do in town include bowling and going to the movies. Campus events include disco roller-skating at the local roller rink as well as broom ball and ice-skating at the Channel Islands Ice Center.


Career and Employment Opportunities:

 Q: Are there any jobs available in housing?  [top]

A: Housing employs approximately 70 students per semester. The positions we offer are desk assistant, program assistant, resident assistant, grounds assistant, maintenance assistant, marketing assistant and summer conference workers. Some jobs have a maximum work cap at 10 hours per week, while others have a maximum of 20 hours per week while school is in session. In order to support the academic mission of the University we require that all student workers maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

 Q: Where do I go for help finding a full- or part-time job on or off campus?  [top]

A: The Career Center is located in the Bell Tower, Room 1548. You can stop by on your way to class to look at the current on- and off-campus employment listings on the bulletin board and pick up applications, or you can stay a little longer to research possible internship and job opportunities. You can also sign up with your Dolphin Career Link account to look up on- and off-campus jobs and internships and send in applications electronically.

Career Center contact info:

Phone: (805) 437-3270
Fax: (805) 437-8899



 Q: What is a Dolphin VIP account?  [top]

A: Obtain information about CSU Channel Islands based on your unique interests and needs by setting up your own Dolphin VIP account. Through your Dolphin VIP page, we will keep you informed about your admissions status, student housing applicant to resident status, important deadlines, campus events and other important campus information.  It is important that you check your Dolphin VIP account and email account frequently for important campus communication.

 Q: Do I get a CI email account?  [top]

A: Yes.  Every student automatically gets a Dolphin email account after their participation at Island View Orientation. Through this email account you will receive announcements of special events on campus, such as the Career Fair, block parties, and other campus happenings, as well as important information regarding registration, fees, etc. from the University. This email is accessible to your classmates and teachers through CI Learn (Blackboard) so that you can communicate with them easily about group projects or make-up assignments if you had to miss a day of class.

Your Dolphin email account is accessed through the myCI system.  For information regarding myCI as well as how your Dolphin email account is established, please see "What is myCI?" below.

 Q: What is myCI?  [top]

A: myCI is the campus single point of access for major campus applications, including CI Learn, CI Records, Dolphin email and Dolphin files ( Only one Dolphin login and Dolphin password are required to access all resources located in myCI.

When admitted to the University, a letter is generated with the student's individual User ID (Dolphin login) and instructions on how to activate the myCI account. This letter will be sent to the address on file with the University. Once an account has been activated, the Dolphin login and Password are used to gain access to myCI ( which provides single sign-on to: CI Learn, CI Records, Dolphin email, and Dolphin Files. The same login credentials are used to gain access to the University wireless network, and to log on to University computers. Students will be required to change this password every 200 days. Instructions on changing your password can be found at

Your myCI account gives you access to your campus finances whether you need to make a payment, view your account, or accept your financial aid awards. You can also view your academic records including transcripts and current grades. 

When it is time to sign up for classes at the end of each semester, you will login to myCI to register.  You will also use myCI to drop or add classes later, if necessary.

For any problems logging into or navigating your Dolphin email or your myCI account contact the Technology & Communication Help Desk at:

Phone: (805) 437-8552
On-campus extension: 8552
Fax: (805) 437-8555