How will I know if/when I can move into Student Housing?

 If we are able to offer you a space, you will be notified via the phone number you have on record and/or your University email account. We will continue making assignments throughout the first week of classes as spaces may become available.  With 49 students remaining on the waiting list, however, we encourage you explore off-campus housing options.

 If we are able to accommodate you, you will be required to ensure that:

1)     Charges due for housing and registration are fully satisfied by payment or via confirmed financial aid.

2)     You must be enrolled in 9 or more units to live on campus.


What if a space doesn’t open up for me?

 If we are unable to accommodate you by August 24, we will fully refund your license fees and will not retain the normal $200 cancellation deposit.

 With 49 students remaining on the waiting list, however, it is in your best interest to explore off-campus housing options.  The following resources are provided to assist you in finding a place to live and to connect you with other students looking for roommates. 

 Off-campus housing website:

 Housing Facebook page:


How do I remove myself from the waiting list?

 If you wish to cancel your license agreement now and receive a refund, please notify our office by sending an email to: