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Absence Management FAQs

Reporting Absences FAQs

Q: Do I need to do anything if I didn’t take any time off?
A: Yes. All employees are required to report their attendance for each pay period. If you do not have any absences to report, select “No Leave Taken” and submit it for approval.
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Q: Do I have to be on campus to report my attendance?
A: No. Since we utilize the myCI portal, you can access Absence Management Self-Service (AMSS) wherever an internet connection is available.
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Q: Can I report my attendance on an on-going basis throughout the month, or do I have to wait until the end of the pay period?
A: We encourage you to enter your absence as soon as you return to work from an absence.
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Q: Can I submit my approved vacation now for time that I am taking next month?
A: Yes. You can submit you absences up to two (2) months in advance of the current pay period, as long as you have already accrued the amount of leave that you are reporting.
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Q: Will the system allow me to submit more time than I have accrued?
A: No. You will receive a system error if your leave usage exceeds your leave balance. Submit a timesheet indicating dock for time taken in excess of leave balance.
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Q: Can I report partial hours for sick or vacation time?
A: Yes, but only in half-hour increments. Any time reported in less than a half-hour increment will be rounded up to the nearest .5 increment by Payroll.
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Q: Can a Personal Holiday be taken in less than a 1-day increment?
A: No. Personal Holiday must be taken in full day increments only.
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Q: Can a Personal Holiday be taken in the same month in which it is accrued?
A: Yes. Personal Holiday can be taken in January, the first month in which it is accrued.
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Q: Do Exempt employees report partial day absences?
A: No. Exempt employee should only report full-day absences.
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Q: How do I correct an absence that I have entered?

A: An employee can correct an absence as long as the Manager has not already approved the absence. Refer to page 6 in the “Employee Self-Service Process Guide” for instructions (PDF, 875KB) .
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Q: How do I enter time used for leave of absence?
A: Payroll will enter time for employees on a leave of absence.
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Q: I am on an Alternate Work Schedule and the holiday observed is my normal day off. How do I get credit?
A: Depending on your bargaining unit, an Alternate Day Off (ADO) is credited with a limited term. Please submit your timesheet for Payroll for ADO credits.
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