Payroll Services is responsible for processing all documentation associated with the issuance of payroll warrants to all employees including special consultants, casual workers and student assistants. The State of California State Controller’s Office has responsibility for actually issuing all payroll warrants. Payroll Services also has responsibility for coordinating all leave credits for employees who are eligible for accruing paid leave credits.

Payroll Services Staff:

For answers to payroll related questions, refer to the Payroll Services - Assigned Department Guide and contact (805) 437-3630 or your Payroll Services Representative.

NamePhone Number
Betty Berriochoa(805) 437-8848
Jacinta Bastone
(805) 437-8487
Vickie Metcalfe(805) 437-3731

Employees appointed to regular and temporary appointments including faculty, staff, administrators are paid on a monthly basis usually around the first of each month. Pay for student assistants, casual workers and overtime pay is usually issued around the middle of each month. Special consultants are paid when proper documentation including invoices are submitted, approved and processed. Please consult the payroll calendar on this page for specific payroll deadline and pay dates.

Payroll Calendar:

Absence Management:

Click here to link to the Absence Management website.

For more information on Absence Management, please e-mail the Absence Management Team at

Student Pay:

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For mor information about TLSS (Time & Labor Self-Service) please email

Time Reporting Forms:

Paycheck Calculator:

The California State Controller's Office has provided an online Paycheck Calculator to calculate net pay and withholding amounts for employees paid on a monthly basis.

2014 Direct Mailing of Form W-2 Wage & Tax Statement

  • The Form W-2 reflects wages paid by warrants/direct deposit payments that were issued during the tax year 2014, regardless of the pay period in which the wages were earned.
  • The Form W-2 includes warrants/payments issue dated January 1st through December 31st of each calendar year. It contains all wages and tax information for an employee regardless of the number of State agencies/campuses for which he or she worked during the tax year. (Only one W-2 is issued by the State Controller’s Office for each “State” employee).
  • All W-2 forms will be mailed by no later than January 31st, directly from the State Controller’s Office (SCO) in Sacramento, to the employee’s mailing address on file with the Payroll Office, as of December 19, 2014 or per the USPS database if forwarding addresses exist, as of the November pay period of the calendar year 2014. The SCO has communicated that it will begin mailing W-2’s around January 23, 2015.
  • Employees, who do not receive their W-2’s within a couple of weeks from when the SCO mailed them, may request that Payroll order a duplicate W-2 on their behalf (fee charged to campus) . This is provided their address is correct in the Payroll system  by December 19, 2014 and the written request for the duplicate is received by Payroll prior to February 17, 2015. (please use form indicated below to request a duplicate W-2)
  • Employees who do not receive their W-2’s by February 17, 2015, and did not request that Payroll order duplicate W-2’s on their behalf, will be required to request duplicate W-2 forms directly from the State Controller’s Office W-2 Unit at a cost of $8.50. Normally, during tax time, the SCO estimates a 2 – 3 week turn-around period. The sooner the request is mailed to the SCO’s W-2 Unit, the quicker you will receive your duplicate. Payroll cannot request duplicate W-2’s on behalf of employees after March 1, 2015.
  • Prior to requesting a duplicate W-2, please contact your local Post Office to see if your W-2 may be there.

Requesting a Duplicate W-2 Form:

Duplicate W-2 Forms are requested through the State Controller's Office. Click to request a duplicate copy of a W-2

For more information, please refer to the State Controllers: Frequently Asked Questions regarding the W-2

Direct Deposit Form:

  • Direct Deposit Form (PDF, 57KB)
  • Instructions: Complete the form and return it to Human Resources located in Lindero Hall, Room 2810. Be sure to verify the appropriate routing numbers with your finanaical institution to ensure accuracy for Electronic Fund Transfer. Please note that we do not need a voided check.

  • Payroll will send you a copy of your authorization, once it has been submitted to the State Controller's office. Please allow 2-3 pay periods for processing.
  • Refer to the Payroll Calendar for direct deposit posting dates.
  • Student Assistants are not eligible for Direct Deposit of the Pay Warrant.

Alternate Work Schedule:

Paycheck Distribution – PLEASE NOTE!

Paychecks are distributed by Student Business Services, not Payroll. For information on the distribution process, please consult AD.30-1 Pay Warrant Distribution. Student Business Services hours of operation are posted on their website.