There are a number of ways that individuals can get involved with the Idea to Impact Challenge.

  • Educators: If you are an educator, consider attending one of the professional development workshops associated with the Idea to Impact program. You will receive a stipend and materials that you can use in your teaching of STEM content in your classes and you will receive information about the Idea to Impact program. Here are some reasons (PDF, 562.1KB) why you might want to become an educator mentor.
  • Students: If you are a middle or high school student, consider forming an Idea to Impact project team by recruiting a total of six team members from your school. You will also need to identify an educator mentor who will work with your team. Visit the Project Components website for information about the various required components of the Idea to Impact Challenge.
  • Sponsors: If you are an individual, professional organization, or business that is interested in supporting the Idea to Impact Challenge, please visit the Sponsorship website where you can learn about ways that you can get involved in the program. Sponsors can work with individual teams, support the costs of the challenge, or provide resources to teams for their projects and service-learning component of their projects. The CI Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and financial and in-kind donations to CI on behalf of the Idea to Impact may be tax deductible.