Purpose Statement

The purpose of Intercultural Services is to educate students on issues of diversity and equality, to advocate for under-represented groups on campus, to affirm and celebrate the unique heritage of our students, to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation for all peoples and cultures, to be a uniting force on campus, and to foster an environment that is emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually safe and beneficial to all areas of student life and development.

Vision Statement

It is Intercultural Services' goal to be more proactive than reactive by encouraging collaboration and dialogue between students, faculty, staff, and administrators of diverse backgrounds, and by being a forum through which people can communicate, voice their concerns, and learn from one another.

Intercultural Services will especially focus on how racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination work together and reinforce each other. By exploring these intersections, we hope to find meaningful ways of combating these issues as they arise on our campus, in society at large, and in students’ personal lives.

Through our mission, we hope the students of CSU Channel Islands will be able to achieve their personal, professional, and intellectual goals. We honor intrinsic human worth that cuts across lines of race, religion, gender, sex, class, and culture and we are working to take this message to the campus community and beyond.


Inclusiveness is a principle that welcomes, acknowledges and celebrates CSU Channel Islands' diversity – what makes us different and unique.  Inclusiveness creates an environment that encourages and fosters open communication, innovative thought and ideas, decision-making and equality.

The below We Will statements indicate our commitment to inclusiveness as an on-going and active process.*

  • We will embrace and celebrate our individual and collective talents, understanding that they are best utilized when collaboratively engaged.
  • We will respect and value the different perspectives of others, realizing that our differences contribute to the value and excellence of our University.
  • We will collaborate and foster participation in a welcoming environment, removing barriers and actively engaging all people, at all levels, in all functions.
  • We will increase awareness of our comments, actions and impacts, with a willingness to make changes for the common good.
  • We will value and promote an inclusive environment by continually assessing and improving our organizational policies and practices.
  • We will foster a sense of community through commitment and accountability by demonstrating respectful behavior.
  • We will commit to expanding our world view on a continuing basis.

*Adapted from Advancing Inclusiveness and Multiculturalism at UC Berkeley, November 2008.