CI awards scholarships to undergraduate research students

Camarillo, Calif., Jan 26, 2012 -- Eight undergraduate students who show outstanding promise in chemistry and biology research recently were awarded $1,000 scholarships from CSU Channel Islands (CI).

The juniors and seniors work with faculty in the chemistry and biology programs, tackling issues ranging from examining the relationship between smog and local weather conditions to synthesizing drugs for Alzheimer’s disease.

The students received the awards based on their faculty mentors’ recommendations and assessments of their achievements and potential.

“I feel extremely grateful and humbled having received such a scholarship,” said Mary Grabiak, a biology major working with Dr. Nitika Parmar, by investigating tumor protein effects on metabolic pathways. “Having participated in undergraduate research, I know that I will be a better, well-rounded pharmacist. Research has taught me that you may not find the exact answer you are looking for, but doors to many other opportunities and questions will be opened just in trying.”

Undergraduate student research is an important part of the student learning experience at CI. Each semester, approximately 60 students majoring in biology and chemistry collaborate with a professor in an attempt to answer an unresolved scientific question.

“Answering a scientific question ignites a process of discovery in these students that you can’t duplicate in a classroom laboratory setting,” said Dr. Simone Aloisio, Chair of the Chemistry program, who mentors several undergraduate researchers. “Their research projects may end up inconclusive – or they may have a rare breakthrough – but that’s how discoveries are made. The process of trial and error really awakens a passion for science and knowledge in these students.”

It also provides the undergraduates with hands-on research experience that is attractive to graduate schools and prospective employers.

Paulina Kolic, a 2010 graduate of CI’s Chemistry program, is now working toward her Ph.D. at Louisiana State University.

“My research experience at CI helped prepare me for my graduate studies by developing my critical thinking skills and my ability to troubleshoot and learn on my own,” she said. “Graduate schools look for students that have had to go through the trials associated with research.”

The scholarship winners, their projects and their faculty mentors are as follows:




Project description

Cassidy Adlof

B.S., Biology, Ecology


Dr. Ruben Alarcon, Biology


Statistical analysis of pollinator/plant relationships


Mary Grabiak


B.S., Biology, cell and molecular


Dr. Nitika Parmar, Biology


Tumor protein effects on metabolic pathways


Brittany Lampman


B.S., Biology, pre-professional


Dr. Charles Sackerson, Biology


Comparison of the genetic sequence for different whales and dolphins


Nathan Landers


B.S., Biology, cell and molecular


Dr. Rachel Cartwright, Biology


Studying the oxygen holding capacity of muscles of whales


Shelby Maloney


B.A., Chemistry


Dr. Simone Aloisio, Chemistry


Examining the relationship between smog and local weather conditions


Jose Medina


B.S., Chemistry


Dr. Phillip Hampton, Chemistry


Synthesizing drugs for Alzheimer’s disease


Katia Nava


B.S., Chemistry


Dr. Blake Gillespie, Chemistry


Biochemistry research of protein structure


Xavi Ramon


B.S., Biology, clinical lab science


Dr. Ahmed Awad, Chemistry


Using nucleotides to find better drugs to target cancer



For additional information, contact Dr. Simone Aloisio at 805-437-8999 or


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