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New Student, Orientation and Transition Programs

O-Leader Reflections

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To learn more about the orientation staff experience, check out what former O-Leaders have to say:

Franchesca Brown
2009 and 2010 Orientation Leader

Picture of Franchesca Brown, orientation leader

"Just as orientation is an experience that you only get out of it what you put into it, being an orientation leader is only as fun and positive as you make it and that is what I did. I served as an orientation leader this past summer and I absolutely loved it! There were so many different elements from orientation that I extensively enjoyed: from all the hard work of preparing for the student’s arrivals to the various interactions with students, parents and staff. So many of the orientation leaders walked away with lasting friendships, study partners, and even the sense of achieving our goal to become a family. All in all, being an orientation leader has changed my personality, given me professionalism, and overall I have improved for the better. If I had to do it all over again with no changes I would, because everything I endured and learned made me a stronger person."


Margo Hardin
2009 and 2010 Orientation Leader

Picture of Margo Hardin, orientation leader

When I began to work for New Student, Orientation and Transition Programs, I did not know what to expect. Being an orientation leader became one of the best decisions I ever made. I grew so much in the two summers I did orientation, and the long nights, long days, and super early mornings were hard but it was worth every moment. I found a love for orientation programs, and a love for the people involved with orientation. The position took a lot of self evaluation, strength, leadership, and discipline. I think being an orientation leader prepares you for life in so many ways. Being an orientation leader was also so much fun in the end. I loved orientation and I loved the two summers that I had the privilege of being an orientation leader.


KristaMae Leung
2009 Orientation Leader 

Picture of KristaMae Leung, orientation leader

Dr. Sawyer likes to say, “Don’t just go through college, let college go through you.” From the moment I heard Dr. Sawyer say those words at the Welcome Celebration my freshman year, I made sure I would live by them. I became an orientation leader my sophomore year and it has been life changing.  Orientation is the door to your college experience, and I wanted to be that person welcoming you at the other side of that door. I wasn’t ready for the extensive preparation and the long hours that went into orientation preparation; however, I have to say the freshmen students were all worth the effort. Taking on an orientation leader position has made me look back on my experience and appreciate it even more. I have been able to overcome so many obstacles and push so many more boundaries that I feel like the world is now my oyster. I still reflect on what Dr.Sawyer said and ask myself every day, “Did I let college go through me today?”