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New Student, Orientation and Transition Programs


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Mission of CSU Channel Islands

Placing students at the center of the educational experience, California State University Channel Islands provides undergraduate and graduate education that facilitates learning within and across disciplines through integrative approaches, emphasizes experiential and service learning, and graduates students with multicultural and international perspectives.

CI has identified four pillars that conceptualize the essence of the experiences and characteristics that a CI graduate should possess:

  • Integrative Approaches (IAP)
  • Experiential and Service Learning (ESLP)
  • Multicultural Perspectives (MPP)
  • International Perspectives (IPP)

Mission of the Division of Student Affairs

Placing students at the center of their educational experience, the Division of Student Affairs supports and enhances learning and the University community through quality co-curricular programs, activities, facilities, and services.

Strategic Goals of the Division of Student Affairs

  1. To recruit, enroll, retain and graduate a diverse student body at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  2. To encourage a learning community in and beyond the classroom that promotes academic excellence and personal development of students.  Leadership participation and community involvement will be emphasized.  Understanding and appreciating diversity will be embraced in order to prepare students for life after the university experience.
  3. To offer programs and services for students that enhance their quality of life at CI. In addition, the Division of Student Affairs will offer programs and services that foster positive relationships between members of the campus and surrounding communities.
  4. To prepare students for life-long learning and ongoing personal development; provide opportunities for the learning and development of the whole person; and to continually evaluate and improve the quality of programs and services offered to students.

Purpose of Orientation Programs

The purpose of Island View Orientation is to prepare first-time college students and transfer students for a successful transition to university life at California State University Channel Islands.

Aims of Orientation Programs 

  1. To facilitate a successful academic transition into CI by providing students with academic resources
  2. To assist with a successful social transition into CI by providing students with resources for personal and co-curricular development
  3. To develop school spirit by welcoming students to the campus community

Dimensions of Development

Values and Integrity

One should continually explore predetermined beliefs and clarify personal values. To display one’s integrity is to reflect one’s values through socially responsible actions.


To seek out and savor the positive emotions of love, joy and hope, one should be aware of the different flavors and intensity of all emotions.  One must learn through practice and patience the appropriate channels for expression of emotions.


One should promote physical health and wellness and wholesome living for the individual and community.


Intellect expands one’s knowledge and helps to develop a collection of skills to comprehend, analyze and synthesize subject matter.


By achieving self-acceptance and self-esteem through interpersonal awareness, one is comfortable with one’s body, appearance, gender and sexual orientation.  This balance and perspective allows one to achieve one’s greatness.

Interpersonal development helps one to effectively and sensitively communicate and socially interact in a variety of settings and circumstances with others.  By accepting the flaws and appreciating the assets of others one is able to choose and contribute positively to healthy relationships.


Creativity lends itself to the understanding of art and artistic expression.  It allows individuals through expressing emotional energy to recall, embrace and appreciate one’s ability to think and act imaginatively. 


Everyone has a culture, for we all have a sense of self in a social, historical, religious and cultural context.  One must strive to reach across barriers created by unfamiliarity and fear so one can recognize, understand and appreciate differences to be able to respond to people as individuals rather than as stereotypes.   


Citizenship is the development of the ability to intentionally immerse oneself into the greater community.  Through civic engagement, service learning and volunteerism, engaged citizens are preserving and enhancing our world for the generations to come. 

Life and Career Planning

Through assessing and exploring interests and options, one has the opportunity to discover and clarify goals which lead to life and career plans.  To accomplish these plans one must devote time and energy toward achieving the set goals.

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