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Visiting the CI campus? To plan your trip and receive details about the area, please see our Visit Campus page for more information.

Have you signed up for Family Weekend yet? The purpose of Family Weekend is to enhance students’ educational experience, reconnect families, and further develop a relationship based on shared values with all members of the CI family. We have engaging sessions designed just for parents. For a complete schedule, please visit our Family Weekend page.

Parent Association

Photo of parents at Island View Orientation.

We are committed to making CI a home for your student and therefore would like to form a partnership between CI and the parents and guardians of our Dolphins. If you are interested in assisting with the creation of this partnership, please complete the CI Parent Association Form


Welcome to the CI community! As your son or daughter prepares to become a student at CI, we want you to know that we consider you to be a member of the CI community as well. We understand that parents are a vital part of their children’s education. That is why the New Student, Orientation and Transition Programs staff is committed to serving our CI parent community and providing you with helpful information that will assist in your student’s transition to CI. We hope you take advantage of the resources this Parent Resource page has to offer.

The objectives of the Parent Association are to:

  • Develop an organization through which parents may collectively organize their efforts in support of students and their educational experience
  • Provide parents, guardians and other supporters of CI students an opportunity to learn more about CI culture and policies of the University
  • Create closer cooperation between students, parents, faculty and administrators of the University
  • To provide an agency through which authorities of the University may more effectively present objectives, aims and needs to the public at large 

Island View Orientation

Having a son or daughter beginning college or transferring from one school to another is simultaneously exciting and stressful, and, due to its size, navigating the University may seem daunting. The orientation staff recognizes these issues and is here to help you! We have designed on orientation program specifically for the parents of first-year and transfer students.

Island View Orientation for Guests

The guest track of Island View Orientation (IVO) is designed to answer your administrative, academic and transition questions. Whether your son or daughter is commuting to or living on campus, we will provide you with presentations and information to prepare you for the college experiences that you and your student are about to begin.

As a result of Island View Orientation for guests, participants will:

  • Be aware of the programs available on campus to assist students with a successful transition
  • Feel welcomed into the CI community
  • Understand how their roles will change and how to support their student
  • Be informed of the opportunities to develop a Parent Association
  • Be familiar with challenges, issues on challenges and issues on college campuses and have an opportunity to ask questions
  • Know the names of CI staff whom they can contact with questions
  • Understand FERPA, the Federal Education Right to Privacy Act, and how it impacts the sharing of information
  • Learn about CI traditions, culture and co-curricular involvement opportunities

The guest orientation program has a conference-style format. This relaxed setting allows you to get specific information about campus services and resources, tools to support your student's emotional transition as well as your own transition, and gives you the chance to meet other parents who are experiencing similar transitions.

To learn more about what to expect at IVO, please view the guest schedule from last summer. (PDF, 189KB)

Why do students and parents have separate orientations?

Not surprisingly, parents of new students often have different concerns than their sons and daughters when it comes to college transition. While both are concerned about classes and course registration, students are typically focused on their social adjustment. Parents, on the other hand, tend to have more questions concerning health services, safety on campus, college financing, and the overall well being of their child. Parent orientation will cover these issues in detail.

In addition, the University wants students to begin assuming primary responsibility for their academic and co-curricular decisions. Orientation serves as the stepping stone in this process, highlighting relevant recourses and reminding students that their decisions will have important consequences.

Pre-Orientation Homework for Guests

We have designed Pre-Orientation Homework for Guests in response to feedback from parents who asked for the opportunity to prepare for their attendance at IVO just as the incoming freshmen who also complete pre-orientation homework. The Pre-Orientation Homework for Guests contains:

  • Areas and topics significant to the enrollment process
  • Important information about your student’s expectations at CI
  • Information as your student transitions to CI

We know your role is important in the success of your student. We want to equip you with the foundational information that will help your student be successful. We have grouped topics together that will navigate information about your student’s transition to CI. The links below contain consolidated information on each area with links to the office websites if additional information is desired.

Academic Support

Campus Engagement

Health & Safety


Welcome to the CI family!

Photo of Kirsten Moss-Frye.

Kirsten Moss-Frye
Associate Director of Access, Orientation and Transition Programs

Your son or daughter cares about your input.

Photo of a new student posing with her parents at orientation.

There’s another equally important reason why you should consider orientation. Students report that input from their parents is one of the most significant influences on the decision they make to attend college. Informed parents can and do influence the success of their student when they attend college. The more you know about the academic resources and services available to your son or daughter, as well as the emotional, social and academic transitions they will undertake, the more prepared you will be to provide helpful answers throughout the first year.

What do parents have to say about CI’s student-centeredness?

Photo of a new student posing with her father at orientation.

“It has the involvement level of a private college!”

“My daughter feels totally connected to CI and feels that she is more than just a number. It feels like she is part of a family.”

“Two advisors personally approached my son and discussed his future plans and how they can help him.”

“Great student-professor ratio, plus attentiveness from staff to help students thrive!”

Weekend Trips on Your Own

Visiting a student at CI? Consider these options!

Santa Monica Mountains

Hiking, biking, horseback riding and scenic viewpoints are some of the activities this area offers. Not only does Los Angeles have Griffith Park, the largest urban park in the U.S., but it also has the Santa Monica Mountains, a designated national recreation area. Drive along Mulholland Drive for scenic views of both the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles basin. There are numerous parks and trails for walking and hiking throughout the area.

Channel Islands

The Channel Islands are accessible for day trips or a multi-day camping experience. The boat ride out to the islands can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience in itself, since travelers are often treated to sights of surfing dolphins and spouting whales. Once visitors reach the islands, recreational options abound, including hiking, camping, sailing, boating, diving, snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking. Each island's network of nature trails showcases its particular flora and fauna, and long stretches of white sand remain unspoiled.

Bird Watching

Ventura County provides many recreational opportunities in a beautiful natural setting of coastal plain that includes the Santa Clara River estuary, forest-canopied mountains and interior valleys. Elevation varies from sea level to 8,831 feet at the summit of Mt. Pinos. Mugu Lagoon and the Los Padres National Forest are globally important bird areas. 457 bird species have been recorded in the county including a Xantus's Hummingbird.  Field trips are regularly offered by two Audubon chapters that sponsor two Christmas counts. Channel Islands trips can be scheduled through The Channel Islands National Park is recognized as an important breeding and resting area for a variety of seabirds.