2008 Awardee

Danika Lindsay
Major: Mathematics

“As we were driving up University Drive, we saw a deer crossing sign, and then two deer! I knew then that I would love the school, as it was unlike any college campus I had ever seen. I live right by LAX, so I’m used to seeing building upon building and no open space. I was thrilled by the thought of waking up in the morning and having the mountains and farmland all around me. The one-on-one interaction with professors at CI offers the perfect learning environment for students. Since seeing the CI campus for the first time, I have visited several times and just can’t seem to get enough of it. I can’t wait to take advantage of every math class CSUCI has to offer!”

2007 Awardees

Ryane Cox
Major: Biology

“I am a sophmore pursuing a degree in Biology with an emphasis in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology. After I get my degree I plan on getting my Masters and then perhaps my Ph.D., depending on where I am at in my career and life. In the end I want to work with marine mammals in the conservation area. My experience as a President’s Scholar has been amazing. The opportunities it has opened up for me are endless and I know this will forever help me in attaining my goals.”

Brandon Dowling
Major: Political Science and Psychology

“The Presidential Scholarship Program in conjunction with all the other remarkable aspects of CSUCI has made my college experience one I will never forget. The air of excellence that this school possesses is reflected not only by the multitude of services it offers, but also by the esteemed faculty and staff that rise above the occasion to make sure that our learning experience is of the utmost quality. I consider it a distinct honor to be at an institution where so many individuals are committed to student success. I could not ask for more.”

Brad Jashinsky
Major: Computer Science

“I fell in love with this campus as I saw the past, present, and future of the University during a tour of campus. I believe that everyone who attends CI has the ability to be an individual instead of a number, and to create a path of education that is right for them thanks to the support of the instructors and administrators who allow for individuality.” Jashinsky is a graduate of Santa Susana High School, where he carried a grade point average of 4.14. He has experience working for a Website design company and in software development. Jashinsky plans to pursue a degree in computer science with a minor in business to prepare him to achieve his career goals in the Internet industry.

2006 Awardees

Jacob Jones
Major: Psychology

“My experience as a President Scholar has been amazing. This scholarship is so much more than just a financial relief. The faculty at CI really go out of their way to make sure that my college experience is a memorable one. Some events that I have participated at CI are, building a dirt bike tract at Casa Pacifica with the help of Boy Scouts and the Seabees, helping package gifts for kids around the world with the organization Operation Christmas Child, and helping package food for needy kids with the organization Foodshare. I know that the scholarship and the opportunities that come with the scholarship will be even more meaningful in my next two years, as I continue to grow and find out what my future will be.”

Kimberly Tacke
Major: Chemistry

“Attending Channel Islands has been very rewarding for me! Last year I had the opportunity to work on a research project with my Organic Chemistry Professor, which, although it was not entirely successful, was a great learning opportunity. I was also able to go on a trip to Japan with one of my classes over last spring break. The trip was absolutely amazing and through it I made lasting friendships with other students. After having so many wonderful opportunities presented to me over the past year, I look forward to what my future holds at CI.”

2005 Awardees

Jennifer Bonsangue
Major: Mathematics

“As one of the founding President’s Scholars at CI, I have had the unique experience of simultaneously benefitting from, and helping to shape, a program designed for student success. During my time at CI, the faculty and staff have been extremely supportive and have invested time and energy ensuring that my education is top-quality. As I begin my senior year in the mathematics department and apply to graduate schools, I appreciate both the caliber of education that CI provides to all of its students, as well as the individual opportunities that I have had from being a part of this program.”

Melody Mattingly
Major: English

“The French author Anatole France once wrote that “nine tenths of education is encouragement.” As a President’s Scholar, I have been greatly encouraged to pursue my wide-ranging educational interests--from academic conversations in the classroom to campus involvement as the President of Student Programming Board. I am very excited for this school year because this will be my fourth year as a President’s Scholar. Upon graduating in the spring I hope to pursue a career in technical writing in the Ventura County area so that I can serve my community as an alumna of CI.”