The President's Planning and Policy Council is comprised of students, faculty, staff and community members. It is the role of President's Planning and Policy Council to develop, review and recommend administrative policy to the President. 

Visit the University Policy Manual for the complete listing of policies.

DateAgendaPolicies for Review and PresentationsNotes

October 17, 2016 

Agenda (PDF, 65KB)

Policies for Recommendation (2nd Reading)

Policies for Discussion (1st Reading)

Policies for Consent

Policies for Consent with Update to Provost  

  • AA.01.004/SP.15.013 - Policy on Pre-Approval of Institutional Grant Proposal
  • AA.01.005 - Policy on Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • AA.04.004 - Policy on Review of Divisional Assessment Plans
  • AA.11.009/SP.15.001 - Policy on Principal Investigator
  • CM.03.002 - Policy on Campus Global Emails
  • OP.01.006 - Policy on Sustainable Practices
  • SA.07.012 - Policy on Communication with Students
  • SA.16.006 - Policy on Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
 Meeting Notes(PDF, KB)

September 26,2016