911 infor Display   AMR Vehicle

        Police Dispatcher talking with residentt                                                        AMR

VCSD Chopper # 9 Kevin  Bike

                   Police Officer Standing  by                                              Police Officer Talks Bike Safety

Future Fireman  Guard A Kid

               Future Fireman in VCF Engine 50                                         Guard-A-Kid Safety Booth

Police Display 2 Simone Chopper

        Police officer talks to Resident about safety                     Future Sheriff' Deputy in Chopper #9

VCF #54 VCF 50

           Ventura County Fire Engine #50                                          Ventura County Fire Engine #54

 K9          Chopper 9 take off

       Ventura County Sheriff's K9 Patrol Car                              Chopper #9 Ready for take off

Dan Preston Police Car            American red Cross

   Current and Future CI  Police Officer                                       American Red Cross