Certain courses require that you have prerequisites in order to add that course to your schedule. Prerequisites may be one or more courses, a minimum placement test score, or a minimum grade in a prerequisite course.  If you have not met the prerequisite, you may not be permitted to enroll in the course. You will receive an error message when registering that states "Error: Unable to add this class. Prerequisites have not been met. Check the class description for a list of enrollment requirements."

You may add a course if you have not completed the course prerequisite provided you are currently registered for the prerequisite course at Channel Islands.

How to avoid receiving an error and what to do if you receive an error...

You may encounter problems if:

  • You submitted a course substitution request and it has not been processed
  • Enrollment Services does not have your latest transcript from a transfer institution
  • Your transfer credit is not equated appropriately. Review your Transfer Credit Report (PDF, 1.58MB) guide for instructions on accessing your report.

What to do:

  •  Email us at records.registration@csuci.edu with the following information
    • Your name
    • Student ID
    • Phone number where we can contact you if we have questions
    • Course you are attempting to enroll in (list only those you are having a problem with)
    • How have you met the pre-requisite requirement for this course?


  • Visit the Enrollment Center in Sage Hall and provide the required information listed above
  • Call the Enrollment Center at 805-437-8500 and provide the required information listed above

We will respond to your inquiry within five business days.

Take steps to avoid errors before registration opens:

Prepare by reviewing your Transfer Credit Report (PDF, 1.58MB). If a transfer course is not equated in the manner in which you expected, email us at records.registration@csuci.edu. We will review your request and help guide you if more action is needed on your part. You may also visit your Academic Advisor in the Advising Center, located in the Bell Tower, if you have questions pertaining to your degree requirements.