Registration activities for new and continuing students, including eligibility for registration and assignment of registration appointments, are managed by the Records and Registration office. Students may register for classes on the web using CI Records via myCI. A list of compatible web browsers for CI Records is available at the Certified Web Browsers web page.

Registration Calendar

Fall 2015 Registration Calendar
April 20-23, 2015Continuing student registration begins by appointment
June 15, 2015New Transfer student registration begins
July 6, 2015New Freshman student registration begins
August 24 through September 11, 2015Add classes using permission numbers. Students may drop classes via CI Records without special permission.
September 14-18, 2015Add or drop a class via Change of Program form (instructor and chair signatures required).**
September 21 through November 13, 2015Adding classes is not permitted. Drops allowed for serious and compelling reasons only.**
November 16 through December 14, 2015Full term withdrawals for serious and compelling reasons beyond a student’s control only.**

**See the Schedule of Classes and Change of Program Table for full details.

Enrollment Appointment Distribution

Enrollment Appointments for continuing students are assigned by class level and descending number of units earned. Example: A Junior with 88 earned units may receive an appointment on 4/21 in the morning while a Junior with 62 earned units may receive an appointment on 4/21 in the afternoon or evening. Priority appointments are given to the following populations: Accommodations, AB 194, Veterans, Presidential Scholars, and EOPR/First Generation LI.

Fall 2015 Continuing Student Enrollment Appointment Distribution
DateRange of Start TimesStudent Population
April 20, 20158:00AMPriority registration
April 20, 20159:00AM-6:30PMGraduates, Postbaccalaureates and Seniors
April 21, 20158:00AM-6:30PMJuniors
April 22, 20158:00AM-4:30PMSophomores
April 23, 20158:00AM-4:30PMFreshmen
April 24, 2015All DayOpen / Unscheduled

Students may enroll and adjust their schedules beginning at their Enrollment Appointment until August 23, 2015 at 11:59PM. Late registration and the Add/Drop period begins August 24, 2015.

Registration Guides, Tools and Tutorials


The links below will show you how to register for your classes in CI Records. You may read a step-by-step guide or watch video tutorials on adding, dropping and swapping classes.

How to Enroll (PDF, 572KB)

Frequently Asked Questions: Adding Classes via Permission Numbers (PDF, 235KB)

Shopping Cart Validation (PDF, 227KB)

View our Registration video tutorials page.

Schedule Planner

The Schedule Planner is an online tool located in CI Records. It will allow you to enter courses and generate every possible schedule combination, choose a schedule, and import the schedule directly into your CI Records Shopping Cart.

Schedule Planner (PDF, 1.6M)

To learn more, please refer to our Schedule Planner video tutorials page.

Pre-requisites, Enrollment Limits and Time Conflicts

Pre-requisite Checking

Some classes have pre-requisites which will prevent you from enrolling in the class if you do not meet specific requirements. You may check to see if you have met the pre-requisites by using Shopping Cart Validation before your enrollment appointment. Click on the links below for more information on pre-requisite checking:

Pre-requisite Checking Information

Shopping Cart Validation (PDF, 227KB)

Enrollment Limits

Undergraduate students in good academic standing may enroll in up to 18 units. Students who wish to enroll in more than 18 units must obtain approval from the chair or faculty advisor in the student’s declared major, or by an academic advisor if undeclared. Undergraduate students on academic probation may enroll in up to 13 units. Students on academic probation who wish to enroll in more than 13 units are required to have an academic advisor’s written approval.

Additional Unit Authorization (PDF, 255KB)
Academic Probation FAQ's (PDF, 28.5KB)

Time Conflict

If you are attempting to enroll in two courses that conflict in time, you will need to obtain authorization from both instructors and submit a Class Time Conflict form to the Enrollment Center for processing along with a Change of Program (Add/Drop) form. You will not be able to enroll via CI Records via myCI for this type of request.

Time Conflict (PDF, 25KB)
Change of Program (Add/Drop) form (PDF, 797KB)

Records & Registration

Enrollment Center, Sage Hall, Room 1020
Phone: (805) 437-8500
TDD: (805) 437-3331
Fax: (805) 437-8509


How to Enroll (PDF, 572KB)
Change of Program (PDF, 797KB)
Time Conflict (PDF, 25KB)
Additional Unit Authorization (PDF, 255KB)
Pre-requisite Information
Repeats, Withdrawal and Incomplete Policy FAQ