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Registration will begin for Fall Adult classes starting August 1st. 

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Sunset Kayaking

For a participant to progress through the levels of sailing or kayaking, he/she will be asked to demonstrate that they are proficient sailors or kayakers.  This is evaluated by a written exam and a practical exam at the end of the course.  There are no make-up classes if a participant misses a class unless the class is canceled due to weather or other circumstances that are deemed unsafe.

Sailing 101         

This class is for anyone who has the desire to learn how to sail. Participants will learn everything they need to know in order to be confident and safe in the Channel Islands Harbor in Pico sailboats. With friends and a trained instructor in the boat, each participant will soon be on his/her way to sailing and turning with ease.  The class will meet at Channel Islands Harbor and will cover sailing material as it pertains to the skills and topics covered.  

  • Sailing classes: meet once a week for four weeks on Fridays or Saturdays.  16 hours of instruction.      

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Kayaking 101

Channel Islands Harbor with its open space and sheltered waters is the perfect place                  to experience kayaking.  With our sit-inside kayaks, participants will soon realize just how stable, fast and fun kayaking can be as they glide through the water.  They will learn topics such as launching/landing, safe boat handling, parts of the kayak, being physically fit, equipment essentials, paddle strokes, and rescue techniques.  With their new-found knowledge and confidence, participants will be paddling out into the ocean if the conditions permit.  The course will also break down the fundamental strokes to become more efficient while introducing more advanced strokes and braces.                   

  • Kayaking classes: meet once or twice a week on Fridays or Saturdays.  3 hours of instruction.  

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Sunset Kayaking               

What better place to go sunset kayaking than Channel Islands Harbor?  With the beautiful sights of the islands and the occasional dolphin sighting, this is a trip you do not want to miss.  Arrive early and meet everyone before we head out, then layer up and get on the water as the day turns to night.

  • Sunset kayaking classes: meet once a week and are on Thursdays.  3 hours of instruction.  

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