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The Channel Islands Boating Center is a facility designed to provide educational and recreational opportunities for students of California State University, Channel Islands and Ventura County residents. The facility includes:

  • Lobby/ exhibit area that includes many displays, interactive kiosks and the Magic Planet.  
  • The exterior lobby area also includes a variety of exhibits about the marine environment and a large scale chart carved into stone.
  • Two upstairs classrooms that can accommodate up to 35 people in each room or the two rooms can be combined to accommodate up to 70 people.  
  • A upstairs conference room.  
  • A downstairs conference room.  
  • An upper deck overlooking the harbor.  
  • Showers and locker rooms.  
  • Indoor and outdoor boat storage areas.  
  • Exterior workshop for boat maintenance and repairs.  
  • Newly constructed dock.  



There are exhibits for the Boating Center in the outdoor area near the lobby entrance, inside the building in the main lobby, and upstairs in the multipurpose rooms. The exhibits provide visitors with educational information about the Santa Barbara Channel, the Channel Islands themselves, the unique wildlife and marine life in this area, the protections in place for these species, and the historic use of this area by native populations (primarily Chumash), shippers, and others.  The exhibits also include information on climate change and the effects of changing populations over time. The first network of marine reserves designated in California off the northern Channel Islands is also covered. 



The mural on the front of the building represents several regional themes - geography, plant life, animal life, and man - related to boating and the marine environment:

  • The Anacapa Arch represents the Channel Islands. It is a local marine landmark highlighting the uniqueness of the Islands, which forms the Santa Barbara Channel.
  • The juxtaposition of a traditional Chumash tomol (a plank canoe) with a modern sailing vessel expressing the long history of boating in the area and the key role of the ocean in its development.
  • Our marine environment is celebrated with a depiction of a kelp forest, along with dolphins, a local species, which is the mascot of CSU Channel Islands.
  • A compass rose indicating true north arches over the image.


sailboats on the dock  Stand Up Paddle Boards Dinghies

We have 17 dinghies which include Picos, CFJs and Capri 16.5.  The Picos and CFJs are great for training and introducing racing while the Capri dinghies are a great stepping stone before moving into a keel boat.  


We have a selection of 24 kayaks. These include Ocean Kayak sit-on-tops, as well as Perception recreation/ touring kayaks and Necky day touring kayaks.  

recreation/ touring kayaks and Necky day touring kayaks.  


We have windsurfing equipment for everyone, regardless of experience level. We have 8 boards and a wide selection of sails and rigs from Starboard Co.  We also have a range of sails for our land-based simulator that will help you learn the basic skills before implementing them on the water.

Safety Boats

We currently have two Boston Whalers boats and one Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat, or RHIB boat, which serves as a teaching platform while on the water and provides emergency assistance when necessary.  

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