CIBC instructors are skilled, dedicated and passionate about making sure every camper has a fun and successful experience at camp.  Every instructor has been carefully selected for their watersports background, teaching ability, education and training experience. Our instructors are committed to a “Safety First” approach to having fun while learning.  All of our instructors are certified in CPR, First Aid, and lifeguarding through the American Red Cross and Safe-boat handling certified through the California Division of Boating and Waterways.  Additionally, our lead instructors either hold certifications through US Sailing, American Canoeing Association, NOLS, or US Coast Guard.  Expect only the best with our highly qualified and dynamic Instructors.  

Interested in joining the team?

Every year, CIBC hires over 10 seasonal staff and instructors for our summer program. The CIBC instruction team is enthusiastic, energetic and diverse. All of our seasonal staff and instructors are students looking to enhance their educational experience. This allows students the opportunity to have an interdisciplinary experience not associated with their respective majors while also enriching the lives of the people in the local community. Many students bring their own experience, expertise and individual personality to the program, but all are united by a shared passion for boating education and safety, as well as a commitment to enhancing the experiences of the individuals participating in the CIBCs many programs. (Maybe this could replace what is below).

If you've never been an instructor but want to be involved with the CIBC, consider volunteering. If you are interested in being an instructor, you must have experience as an instructor and be a current CSU Channel Islands student in good standing.

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