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  1. Windsurfing 101
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  4. Go Board Clinic
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Windsurfing 101

Welcome to the world of windsurfing! This class covers the basics of windsurfing such as sailing theory, proper stance, sail handling, tacking and gybing. Based upon the student’s progression, advanced techniques such as beach starts and planning will be introduced. Our certified instructors understand it all starts with the basics and will help introduce these theories according to your personalized needs.

Windsurfing 101 Schedule Fall 2012

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 *Prior registration required: please contact the Campus Recreation office at 805-437-8902 to sign-up.

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Windsurfing 201  

Building upon Windsurfing 101, more advanced skills such as sailing without the centerboard, planning, tacking, gybing and using the foot straps will be taught.  During this class, you will unlock the full potential of the sails and board, making any onlooker jealous of your windsurfing ability.

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5.4 Rig Test-out  

In this windsurfing skill evaluation, the participant will demonstrate expertise in all areas of both the 101 and 201 classes. The purpose of this evaluation is for the student to move-up in sail size and board level. With the increase in size comes the increase in demand mentally and physically on the participant.

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Go Board Clinic  

For the established windsurfer, this clinic will utilize different sail sizes and different sized boards to find the best setup for each participant.  The participant will also become skillful at water starts, harness use and an introduction to tricks. 

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Performance Windsurfing  

The performance windsurfing course is for the advanced student. The student will be able to handle all kinds of weather conditions and handle themselves and the equipment in extreme conditions. In this course, the participant will work on enhancing their skills and will be introduced to racing and rig/board tuning. 

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