• The SBI program is a win-win situation for both the neighboring small businesses located in the vicinity of CI and especially for our business students. Businesses receive critical management and technical assistance and access to funding and our students receive invaluable “hands-on” consulting experience. Faculty also benefit in that they can see first hand how their formal instruction has been utilized and may utilize case studies to publish findings. The University ultimately benefits by demonstrating its’ solid commitment to improving the small business fabric of our community and most importantly our students gain invaluable “real-world” experience in serving as small business consultants.
  • SBI client made numerous changes in their business operations based on the recommendations of the SBI consultants. Over 20% of the clients who made changes made them in the area of business/strategic planning while nearly 40% made marketing changes. Those businesses that made the recommended changes created more jobs and generated higher revenues that those clients who did not make the changes.
  • From 1990 to 1993, gross revenue in SBI client companies increased by 38%. In 1992, SBI clients generated $79 million in additional revenues as a result of SBI consulting.

How Does A Business Qualify For Participation In The Small Business Institute Program?

  • You must have an operating small business.
  • You must be willing to meet with the student project team six to eight 60-90 minutes meetings.
  • Be willing to provide information about your business operations to the SBI team.