Through the Engagement Awards, the CCE seeks to identify and recognize innovative, high impact practices undertaken by stakeholders who exemplify the spirit of leadership and collaboration, thereby making an outstanding contribution to service and learning throughout the extended CI community. The criteria for selecting awardees will emphasize those priorities: high impact, innovation, collaboration and leadership.


  • Outstanding Community Engagement Awards: Awards given annually to the student, faculty member, and community partner who exemplifies what it means to be engaged in and to serve our community. Please see below for award criteria.
  • Outstanding Student Reflective Essay: Annual award given to recognize the student reflective essay that exhibits particular depth of insight concerning the challenges and satisfactions of community service, and with the greatest potential to inspire others to service. Criteria include depth of insight concerning the challenges and satisfactions of community service, and expression that motivates and inspires readers. Essays should indicate the project and partnership inspiring the essay. Submissions may be based on a course assignment, but need not be, and are limited to 1,000 words. Click here to submit a reflective essay.
  • Recognition of Best Practices in Service-Learning:Annual recognition given to service-learning projects that make important contributions to our community whild generating valuable student learning. Selected projects will spotlight a wide variety of successful practices that will inspire and promote deeper engagement with service-learning throughout the extended CI community. Click here for information and to apply.


For the Partner, Student, and Faculty awards, nominations will be assessed for the quality and quantity of their contributions to community engagement, as measured by the following criteria:

  • Impacts: What are the impacts of the nominee’s activities, and how do they model high impact practices? By high impact practices, we mean practices that have major and lasting contributions on the community, and on participants. For example, have they made an important positive difference in the community – either by accomplishing some benefit, or by making expanding capacities for serving the community? Or, have the individuals or projects contributed to participants’ abilities or desires to deepen their engagement in the community in the future?
  • Innovations: How does the nominee exemplify innovative practices? That is, are there any ways in which the nominee has modeled new ways to implement or promote community engagement? For example, does the nominee model a novel and creative way to address a challenge in community engagement that others may benefit from in the future? Or establish a new form of partnership that might be productively replicated in the future?
  • Collaboration & leadership: How do the nominee’s practices exemplify collaboration and leadership with other members of the extended CI community (campus and beyond)? Do they successfully join all stakeholders in common endeavors? Do they motivate and coordinate the efforts of participants in ways the lead to greater contributions to community engagement?

To Submit Your Nomination for Student, Community Partner, Facutly or Reflective Essay Award: Apply here

 Questions? Please contact Pilar Pacheco, Managing Director, Center for Community Engagement (