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Student Fee Committees

Historical Information

CSU Student Fee Policy - Executive Order 1034 (PDF, 2.16MB)

Meeting Minutes/Information:

List of Approved Fees

2009-10 Housing/Meal Plan Rate (PDF, 39.73KB)
Parking Fine Rates (PDF, 10.82KB)

July 2012 Fee Recommendations (PDF, 129KB)
February 2011 Parking Fees (PDF, 453KB)
February 2011 Room and Board Fee Proposal for 2011-12 (PDF, 590KB)
April 2010 Fee Recommendations (PDF, 140KB)
March 2010 Fee Recommendations (PDF, 62.6KB)
March 2010 Proposed Fees for 2010-11 Housing and Residential Education (PDF, 112.8KB)
January 2010 Proposed Housing and Residential Education Fees for 2010-2011 (PDF, 96KB)
October 2009 Memorandum Open University Fee Increase (PDF, 256KB)