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*Magnolia Family Medical Clinic
2240 E. Gonzales Road #100
(805) 981-5151
Urgent Care: (805) 981-5181
[Magnolia Family Medical Clinic map]

Conejo Valley Family Medical Group
223 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. #102
Thousand Oaks
(805) 370-0600
[Conejo Valley Family Medical Group map]

Las Islas Family Medical Group
2400 S. C Street
(805) 240-7000

Urgent Care: (805) 483-0198
325 W. Channel Islands Blvd.
[Las Islas Family Medical Group map]

Santa Paula Medical Clinic
1334 East Main Street
Santa Paula
(805) 933-1122
[Santa Paula Medical Clinic map]

*Las Posas Family Medical Group
3801 Las Posas Road #214
(805) 437-0900
[Las Posas Family Medical Group map]

Sierra Vista Family Medical Clinic
1227 E. Los Angeles Avenue
Simi Valley
(805) 582-4000
Urgent Care: (805) 582-4050

*Moorpark Family Medical Clinic
612 Spring Road, Building A
(805) 523-5400
[Moorpark Family Medical Clinic map]

Fillmore Family Medical Group
828 Ventura Street
(805) 524-2000
Urgent Care: AM: (805) 524-2000, PM: (805) 524-8604
[Fillmore Family Medical Group map]

West Ventura Medical Clinic
133 West Santa Clara Street
(805) 641-5600
Urgent Care: (805) 641-5620
[West Ventura Medical Clinic map]

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