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Student Leadership Programs

Student Leadership Programs

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other" quote from JFK


Student Leadership Programs provides programs and services to develop students to lead with excellence and integrity while they build community, personally flourish and act in a positive and socially responsible manner. 


SLP seeks to achieve the following aims through the delivery of programs and services:

  • To provide resources, training and information for student leaders and advisors of clubs and organizations regarding leadership development;
  • To facilitate user-friendly, accessible and responsive processes for the functioning of clubs and organizations;
  • To inform campus constituents of the importance and availability of leadership, involvement and experiential and service-learning opportunities;
  • To collaborate with the campus community to facilitate the development of student leaders in curricular and co-curricular endeavors; and
  • To recognize the achievements of student leaders in co-curricular endeavors.

Overview & SLP Programs

SLP is housed in the Student Engagement and Applied Leadership (SEAL) Center located on the second floor of the Student Union.  SLP includes three programmatic elements:  the SEAL Center, Clubs and Organizations, and the Leadership Certificate Program (currently under development). Please click the links to the left or below to learn about our programs.


The programs and leadership development opportunities provided by SLP are based on Susan Komives' Model of Student Leader Identity Development and seeks to create leaders who will abide by CI's Student Leader's Personal Code of Honor.



  1. I shall be scrupulously honest in all matters both large and small.
  2. I shall tell the truth at all times.
  3. I shall keep my body and mind clean and alert.
  4. I shall be tolerant of the opinions of others.
  5. I shall curtail my own interests and seek what is best for the entire group.
  6. I shall try to preserve a sense of humor and look for the pleasant side of my experiences.
  7. I shall carefully avoid any form of favoritism, preferring to stand on my own abilities in open and fair competition.
  8. I shall actively exert my influence at all times to stamp out lawlessness, harmful gossip, and ruthless destruction of property and reputation.
  9. I shall abstain from vices harmful to my mind and body.
  10. I shall at all times try to promote true school spirit and those characteristics in myself and my fellow students which will bring us happiness and success in life.

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