Student organizations must design and implement programs, events and activities which support and enrich the goals of CI’s educational mission. Involvement in student organizations presents students with the opportunity to broaden their learning, obtain leadership and interpersonal skills, and develop a commitment to service. Student participation in clubs/organizations attracts new students to our campus and integrates them into our CI culture and traditions. Student clubs/organizations strengthen campus-community relations, improve inter-institutional communications, and facilitate students’ acquisition of skills.


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Student Organization Handbook

Student Organization Handbook 2016-2017 (PDF, 928KB)

Student Organization-Related Policies

CSU Executive Order No. 1068 (supersedes CSU Executive Order No. 1006)

This executive order (EO) develops and communicates systemwide policies, procedures and/or guidelines for student organizations and activities. EO 1086 may be viewed online at

Policy on Eligibility Requirements for Membership in Student Clubs and Organizations - SA.21.004

Student Leadership Programs collects student organization rosters and verifies member and officer eligibility each semester.  Students who do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements are not permitted to serve as members or officers of the group.  Student organizations should review the policy pertaining to member eligibilty located online at

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