Student Organizations that wish to apply for and receive a grant are required to abide by the protocol established by CI’s Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP).  If you wish to apply for a grant, you must schedule a Grant Overview Meeting with the Student Organizations & Involvement staff and Dean of Students no later than five weeks prior to the grant application deadline.  Please contact the SEAL (Student Engagement and Applied Leadership) Center at 805-437-3356 to schedule an appointment. 

If the grant application is approved by the Dean of Students, she/he will serve as the Principal Investigator for your grant and will work with you to complete the application process outlined on the following page:   As stated on the RSP website, they require that the Intent to Apply form is submitted three weeks prior to grant deadlines and the grant application is submitted 8 to 10 working days prior to the grant deadline.  Only the Dean of Students can serve as Principal Investigator for Student Organization grants and his involvement is required in the application process.  Therefore it is imperative that the Grant Overview Meeting be held no later than five weeks prior to the grant application deadline.