The Student Engagement and Applied Leadership (SEAL) Center is located on the second floor of the Student Union and houses Student Leadership Programs.  The SEAL Center is staffed by experienced student leaders and is a location for aspiring and current student leaders to gain information about leadership opportunities and trainings on campus.  Various resources for clubs and organizations are also available in the SEAL Center.

Contacting the SEAL Center

SEAL Center Staff

The SEAL Center is staffed by Leadership Assistants and a SEAL Center lead who are student assistants trained in club/organization-related processes and procedures as well as leadership skills and theory.  

Amanda McMurray - SEAL Center Lead

Photo of Amanda McMurray.

My name is Amanda McMurray and I am from Santa Clarita, CA.  I am a transfer student entering my senior year, majoring in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Performing Arts.  I see a leader as someone with integrity and selflessness that puts the needs of others first while leading by example.  To me, leading by example is setting a path for others to follow and giving important insights for who we are and what we do at CI.  The main benefit from getting involved on campus is that you are able to create and maintain lasting connections.  By staying connected, students are reassured that resources are steadily available.  During my time at CI I have been involved with the Student Support Services Program, Zeta Pi Omega, Leaders in Education Awareness Program, Gamma Beta Phi, and Island View Orientation.  This past year I had the opportunity to start a club for transfer students.  Having the opportunity to meet others from different backgrounds and cultures has been one of the most rewarding experiences during my time here at CI.

Mar-Kell Law – Leadership Assistant

Photo of Mar-Kell Law.

Hello, my name is Mar-Kell Law. I am a junior from San Diego studying Communication with an emphasis in Business and Nonprofit, English and Spanish.  I believe great leaders are accountable and integral.  In order to succeed in a leadership position one must fully serve their constituents unconditionally.  I currently am involved in several clubs and Student Government, and have previously served the student body as a games clerk in Housing and Residential Education.  I believe by becoming involved you are given the opportunity to meet with other ambitious and outgoing students as well as network with well-informed and supportive professors. There are so many special memories I have created at CI, but among my most favorites are the ones created by my involvement with Island News. I encourage everyone to discover all that CI has to offer and to make the most of their experience.

Shelby Mota – Leadership Assistant

Photo of Shelby Mota.

Hello, my name is Shelby Mota, and I am from Duarte, California. I am entering my third year at CI with a major in Performing Arts Dance and a minor in Communication. Leadership is taking the bad scenarios and turning them into the good for the better of the company, leadership program, etc. One has to not only be the teacher but also the student and learn from their peers. The benefits from getting involved with campus life are irreplaceable: one makes long-lasting friendships, connections with peers and overseers, and the ability to serve the community. I have enjoyed being a part of Zeta Pi Omega, where I am currently the Secretary, and Breaking Pointe, where I am currently the President. Both clubs and the positions I hold have allowed me to grow as a person in ways that I could never have imagined. My best advice to someone who is looking to have connections with the campus and their peers would be to GET INVOLVED!