The Student Engagement and Applied Leadership (SEAL) Center is located in Bell Tower East 1769 and houses Student Leadership Programs and Student Organizations & Involvement.  The SEAL Center is staffed by experienced student leaders, and is a location for aspiring and current student leaders to gain information about leadership opportunities and trainings on campus.  Various resources for clubs and organizations are also available in the SEAL Center.

Contacting the SEAL Center


The SEAL Center offers a number of services to the CI community, including:

  1. One-on-one student advising on how to get involved on campus based on interests and availability.

  2. Presentations to classes on ‘Involvement 101’ (how to get involved on campus) and ‘The CI Definition of Leadership.’  The SEAL Center staff will also work with faculty, staff, and student organizations on creating or tailoring a related presentation to fit your needs!  Related topics include: leadership/being a student leader, communication styles, conflict styles and management, time management, Title IX/VAWA and the student leader, values & ethics, and many others.

  3. One-on-one advising to student organization officers on topics such as student organization leadership, organization registration & renewal, planning and scheduling an event, fundraising, and other officer-related needs.

  4. Workshops and one-on-one assistance in using CI Sync or tips on portal administration.

  5. Facilitating campus posting (flyers) for student organizations, staff, and faculty.  See next section for details.

To coordinate services please contact us, or drop by the center!


The SEAL Center provides support in the posting on and maintenance of bulletin boards throughout campus.  

The SEAL Center will post materials on allocated bulletin boards in Aliso Hall, Bell Tower, Del Norte Hall, Sage Hall, Solano Hall, Sierra Hall and Islands Café, as well as provide postings to the Broome Library, Student Union Building, and Housing for those individual areas to post according to their procedures. 

Recognized student organizations are required to submit posting requests via CISync Posting Materials Approval Form.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not a member of the CI campus and would like to post on campus, contact Nancy Gill, Director of Communication & Marketing located in Solano Hall 2176 at (805) 437-8456 or for posting material approval.  Upon approval the materials will be forwarded to the SEAL Center for posting.


Your marketing pieces must contain the following information:

  • Name of event or reason for posting (nominations, call for volunteers, campus program/department informational, etc.)
  • Details (as applicable): date, time, location, price, registration or application information and deadlines
  • Contact information (email and/or phone number)
  • Note: On campus events require Disability Accommodations and Support Services statement for providing needed accommodations


  1. Recognized student organizations are required to submit posting requests via CISync Posting Materials Approval Form.
  2. If not a recognized student organization, complete this Request for Approval to Post Materials Form (PDF, 124KB) in its entirety.

2017-2018 SEAL Center Staff


Kem French - Coordinator of Student Leadership Programs

I am recent transplant to California from Kentucky, and have lived all over the Midwest and Southern part of the United States due to my parents being in the military.  Both my undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Social Work from the University of Kentucky.  Throughout my life I have always known that I wanted to help people in some form or another.  I started out my professional career as a Prevention Specialist with the CDC but I ultimately decided that Student Affairs would allow me more opportunities to affect change and support young people.  As the Coordinator of Student Leadership Programs, I am here to support and provide opportunities to all CI students.  I also directly supervises the four aspects of Student Leadership Programs (SLP): the SEAL (Student Engagement and Applied Leadership) Center, student organizations, the Leadership Development/Certificate program and student leadership recognition programs.  You are welcome to contact me at or 805-437-1669 to make an appointment to meet.   


Russell Winans - Coordinator of Student Organizations & Involvement

CI offers a great variety of ways to get involved, make meaningful connections with peers, staff, and faculty, and strengthen leadership skills essential to future careers and study.  If you have questions about student organizations, involvement, leadership, or related resources at CI, I am happy to help!  I can be contacted at or 805-437-8510, and my office is located in Bell Tower East 1762.