The purpose of Judicial Affairs is to provide a fair process for accountability of student conduct; promote the development of individual integrity; protect the rights of members of the campus community; and uphold the rules, regulations, and integrity of the University.

Aims of Judicial Affairs are to:

  • develop, disseminate, educate, interpret, and enforce campus regulations as they relate to students;
  • protect relevant legal rights of students;
  • address student behavioral problems in an effective, fair and educational manner;
  • facilitate and encourage respect for campus governance;
  • provide learning opportunities for students who participate in the student judicial process; and
  • provide personal accountability.

Judicial Affairs programs contribute to the teaching of appropriate individual and group behavior, as well as the protection of the campus community from disruption and harm. The programs are conducted in ways that serve to foster the ethical development and personal integrity of students and the promotion of an environment that is in accordance with the overall educational goals of the University community.

Judicial Affairs is located in Student Life and is under the general direction of the Dean of Students. Judicial Affairs is responsible for acting on behalf of the University President regarding all aspects of student discipline. The office receives reports of alleged student misconduct relative to Title 5, California Code of Regulations, and investigates complaints in order to determine whether University disciplinary action is to be pursued. University disciplinary action may run concurrently with civil or criminal action initiated by the court system. One type of judicial action does not necessarily affect the other. Campus-related violations include both academic and non-academic misconduct.

To report allegations of academic or non-academic student misconduct please visit

To report a crime, please contact the University Police Department at
(805) 437-8444.


Dean of Students office/Judicial Affairs
Location: Bell Tower 2565
Telephone/V/TTY: (805) 437-3332
Fax: (805) 437-3211
Office Hours: Mon-Fri., 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.