Reporting a Student Conduct Code Violation

Thank you for consulting the Community Responsibility and Student Conduct office about a possible Student Conduct Code violation. If you wish to submit an academic or non-academic incident report concerning allegations of student misconduct to the Community Responsibility and Student Conduct office please visit

If you are unsure if an incident is a Student Conduct Code violation or if you  experience any challenges submitting your incident report please contact the Community Responsibility and Student Conduct office at or (805) 437-3332.

Complaints against students by CI faculty, staff, other students, and members of the campus community should be directed to Community Responsibility and Student Conduct within 14 calendar days of the incident giving rise to the complaint. This process may not be available to non-students filing complaints. The complaint should include, minimally, the date, time, location, parties involved, and a description of the incident. Any supporting evidence should also be sent to the office. Situations requiring immediate attention, e.g., class disruption which is likely to continue, should be reported by phone and followed up in writing as soon as possible. Situations requiring police assistance, e.g., serious disruptions, crimes, or where there is violence or the threat of violence, should be brought immediately to the attention of the CI Police Department by calling 911. For other non-emergency matters requiring police assistance, call (805) 437-8444.