CSU Policy Project: Comments Solicited

DRAFT CSU Responsible Use Policy (PDF)

DRAFT CSU System-Wide Information Security Policy (PDF)

DRAFT CSU System-Wide Information Security Standards (PDF)

All members of the CSU Channel Islands community are invited and encouraged to read and comment on the draft policies linked above, by sending email to Michael Berman, Interim Vice President for Technology & Communication. If you prefer, you may print out the documents and provide your comments by marking them up. In order for your comments to be compiled in time to meet the Chancellor's Office deadline, please provide them no later than Monday, February 23, 2009. If your comments represent the official response of a campus group, please be sure to make that clear. If you have questions or would like to discuss the draft policies, please call Michael at x2099.


What is the CSU Policy Project?

This is an attempt to develop a set of common policies relating to information security and privacy that will apply to the entire CSU.

It consists of three key draft documents:

  1. Responsible Use Policy – describes the proper use of information resources by CSU faculty, staff, and students.
  2. Information Security Policy – policies related to access to and protection of campus information and technology resources
  3. Information Security Standards – detailed set of procedures that campuses will be required to follow to assure that policies are carried out

Why now?

Response to the embarrassing "hacking" incidents that have affected many campuses including some within the CSU; has been under discussion for many years.

How does it affect us?

At the moment, these are drafts. However, once adopted, the security documents in particular may require CI to change some business processes and to put significantly more resources towards information security than we have in the past.

Once adopted, these policies will supersede existing campus policies on Internet use, appropriate use of information technology, and information security. If the campus identified a need, it could adopt additional policies and procedures that would extend the CSU-wide policy.

CI Response

Campuses have been requested to engage in a broad-based process to communicate these drafts broadly on campus and to collect responses to the draft that will be considered in developing the final policy. All responses must be collected and provided to the CO by March 2, 2009.

Michael Berman, Temporary Vice President for Technology & Communication, michael.berman@csuci.edu, x2099