The University last redesigned its web site in 2005 based on extensive research organized by the University Web Steering Committee and the departments of Information Technology and Communications and Marketing.

Since then, numerous incremental changes to the University digital identity have been made, as well as countless sub-site redesigns, in order to leverage new opportunities for communication and continuously improve overall site quality.

As the University looks forward to celebrating its 10th anniversary beginning in August 2012,  its web site continues to grow in value as a strategic communication tool. Ongoing and rapid expansion of web content, mobile computing and social media present an opportunity to re-examine and clarify University Web strategy and messaging.

Therefore this project aims to refreshing the CI Web site and to help the University develop meaningful content, design, technology and marketing strategies to support growth over the next 3-5 years. 

The process includes:

  • evaluation, selection of, and collaboration a strategic partner to facilitate the University's refresh process;
  • development of project goals;
  • examination of new & existing issues related to University web presence; and
  • development of strategies and solutions to address these issues

About this Web Site

Project news, plans, timelines and other documentation for this project will be made available on this web site throughout the process.

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