Web Services

Web Templates

Web Services has created web templates to facilitate creation of web sites by officially recognized organizations at CI.

These templates have been carefully designed to meet Section 508 accessibility guidelines and make use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to manage the presentation of the content.

Template Examples

The following set of links provides a sample of the look, feel, and layout for use of these templates.

Picture Bar Section

The Picture Bar is 768px wide by 81px high, and contains a image banner with a slight, 3 pixel high drop shadow across the top of the banner. A number of campus photos and close-up textures of campus surroundings are available for use in this section. Please visit the Web Services web site to view a selection of these banners.

Pictures in this section provide a small "peek" at campus scenery. The style of the banner should present either:

  • a single abstract campus "texture";
  • a single close-up image which relates directly to the page content (for example, picture of a chemical molecule or chemistry equipment would be appropriate for a Chemistry program web site); or
  • a single photo of campus scenery.

Image collages (i.e., combining multiple photos in the Picture Bar space), portrait photos of people, and words-over-photos (text overlays) in the Picture Bar are prohibited.

If you would like to submit an image for use as a Picture Bar banner, please send it to the Help Desk at helpdesk@csuci.edu. All Picture Bar banners must be approved by Web Services to ensure the continuity and integrity of the CI web site design prior to their addition to the template and publication to production web sites. Digital images for Picture Bar banners should be submitted to Web Services without the 3-pixel drop shadow.

Examples of approved Picture Bar banners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use the templates?

All officially recognized University organizations should use these templates in the creation of their web sites to ensure a consistent, and professional visual identity. The consistent use of these templates also increases site usability while minizing visitor confusion and/or frustration due to constantly changing page elements.

The templates have been designed with a number of variations to enable more choices for display of content, while maintaining the consistency needed to create a unified digital identity.

Schools and academic deparments/programs, such as Business School, School of Education, Art program, biology, computer science, etc., may have their own template, but it still must retain most common branding elements (as defined in the Web Style Guide).

In all cases, all templates should be designed to meet University web style guidelines and applicable campus and CSU policies. Exceptions to template usage as indicated here must be approved by the Vice President of Technology & Communication prior to implementation. 

Who may not use the templates?

The templates may not be applied to or used with:

  • Individual faculty web sites
  • Personal student web sites
  • Non-official University-related web sites
  • Web sites outside of the "csuci.edu" domain (unless prior written authorization is received from Web Services).

Can I customize the templates?

There are specific rules as to what may be customized within the template, and what may not. For example, custom color schemes outside of the 5 colors provided are not permitted. Please contact Web Services to request further information on what the rules for customization are.

Further, CSU Channel Islands is the copyright holder for these designs, and reserves all rights pertaining to the use and redistribution of these templates.

How do I use the templates?

If you are developing a web site for CI using EchoCI, your page will automatically have a template applied which corresponds to your organizations section. Pages which already exist within www.csuci.edu already have the template applied.

If you are developing a web site for CI outside of EchoCI, please contact Web Services. Web Services will provide specially crafted versions of these templates for use on Internet domains outside of www.csuci.edu.

Please refer to the "Who should use the templates" and "Who may not use the templates" sections on this page for clarification of what constitutes appropriate or inappropriate use of the templates.

Further questions on web template usage should be directed to Web Services.